Especially good when I looked at what the sub yesterday had to do (Trump article and essay)
  1. Subbed for my favorite 6th graders
    Which is normally an oxymoron because most 6th graders are straight up evil but this group is somehow actually fantastic
  2. Looked at the lesson plans
  3. Wonder Woman article!
  4. Looked in depth at the lesson plans and saw that part of it was for the kids to name comic books and super heroes they knew
  5. As a nerd/geek/dork this brought me great joy
  6. And then they delivered
    And we got to have a discussion of the ratio of female superheroes to male superheroes.
  7. Look at all of those they came up with. You could tell who was being raised well because they were busting out the more obscure ones and we're just wanting to keep going and going.
    It's the Golden Age of Geeks!
  8. What traits the super heroes have in common
  9. Why we like reading comic books
  10. And then they read the Wonder Woman article
    About her origin and development. How it was important especially the era that she became popular. How she was the first super hero to be treated as equal and have HER OWN super powers along with strength and speed and smarts. Her lasso of truth.
  11. And then we had a really good discussion. Including but not limited to how female superheroes are "hot" and why that is. Black Widow kicks butt but still has to be in a skin tight black leather outfit while the rest of the avenger guys are fully covered.
    Besides Hulk but I digress.
  12. It was awesome.
  13. And then they got to create their own superhero. Coming up with back stories and then drawing them.
  14. Well done, Scholastic Reader.
  15. Super Heroes FTW.