Econ class and they only had to do a quick worksheet = lots of time for me to eavesdrop on all the random crap they say/do
  1. "Dude, you remember Bill Nye?"
    "Did you know he was on dancing with the stars?" "He's getting hella old. He's like 60. That's hella old. He's still dope though"
  2. "I was looking at CSU Bakersfield..."
    "...But yeah, I don't wanna go there. "
  3. "So happy Kaepernick didn't even play. He needs to be traded"
    "Back when he was still in Turlock he was at a party I was at and he was a total A-hole" "yeah my cousin went to school with him and he said he was a total douche" [sidenote: I was actually Kap's substitute teacher in high school and he was a good smart kid who was quiet in class but still had his headphones on a lot, some things don't change]
  4. "You've never seen Star Wars?! You're missing out!"
    "Good vs evil. Father and son. Sooooo good."
  5. A kid played jump rope with his phone charger.
  6. "Do you know what spotify is?"
    "You should use it. It's way better than pandora."
  7. Discussing Hangover 3
    "I mean, as soon as the giraffe came on I was like yeah they should be done"
  8. A couple girls discussing jobs
    "Dude if I could just get a job playing call of duty" "or a siesta job. Why aren't those real?"
  9. "So I totally blew this big contract my dad was trying to sign. He made me go to the business dinner and I don't know why..."
    "I don't eat meat. & they had chicken & I wasn't gonna eat it & he asked me to eat it for him &so I did but then they served fish & I was like oh man I can actually eat this but then I asked what kind of fish it was & it was sea bass and salmon & I was like I can't eat that. They're endangered. And then it turned out that's what the contract was for & I told them my dad can't do the contract & then we went and sat in the car for 10 min w/o saying anything & he was like really? But he loves me
  10. "Never take AP Stats and AP English at the same time"
  11. There's a group of guys who are doing card tricks and magic tricks.
    And they're impressive. And not nerdy guys. They'll probably run the world soon.
  12. "You know Guy from pitman? He goes to school near Burbank..."
    "...he can like see the Hollywood sign from his apartment. It's bomb. And he's got like these sweet drones and makes these sick videos"
  13. A guy as class ends and he has to walk outside:
    "I know we need the rain, but fuck this shit"