1. Headed west for breakfast and an airport run. Got stuck in traffic on the San Mateo Bridge
  2. Glanced at my dash temp reading
  3. Knew it was supposed to be hot back home so decided to track it along the way.
  4. Other side of the San Mateo Bridge/Hayward area
  5. Castro Valley
  6. Pleasanton
    And look at that mileage!!
  7. (Had to pick this up at the Pleasanton McDonald's. Did you know papers are $1.50 these days?! Had to scrape together all the change but worth it!)
  8. Going over the Altamont Pass
  9. Altamont and the California Aqueduct
  10. Otherside of Altamont/Tracy, CA
  11. 205-5-120 interchange
  12. 120/Manteca
  13. The beautiful 99 through Modesto ...
  14. ...where it cooled down a bit
  15. Country Road home
  16. And it really cooled down when I got home 😶
  17. I'm eternally grateful for my new car and for this. My jeep hadn't had AC for over 5 years. I don't know how I survived.
  18. Been house sitting for over 2 weeks and I walked into my house where I haven't been staying for over 2 weeks
  19. It is May 31. Slow your roll, summer, it's not your turn yet.
    It's supposed to be 108 this week. I am very much not ready for that.