When I am trapped in the same place too long, I tend to suffocate a bit. I've always had a bit of a gypsy soul. When I desperately need a hit, SF will tide me over, or Yosemite truly helps, but sometimes I need to get out further. I need to road trip or get on a plane. I really took advantage of my road trip opportunities this past month.
  2. Wind Power
  3. High Desert
  4. One Way
  5. Definitely the truck you want to get stuck behind on a two lane highway
  6. 🌵
  7. Solar Farm
  8. Just saying Hi to that A-hole's hotel
  9. Lake Mead - biggest man made lake
  10. Sadly, no 🐑
  11. Backside of the Dam
  12. Oh hey Arizona.
  13. That River View
  14. The view without my dumb face in the way 😉
  15. Lookin' down
  16. I weirdly love old plaques
  17. Two places at once, I'm cool like that
  18. Where I learned that Fools Rush In LIED to me. It doesn't say ARIZONA/NEVADA on the ground.
    I also wished I had a Gray's Papaya. What can you do?
  19. Took the Dam Tour
  20. I may have thought it said Alderaan on first glance...
  21. Upper view
  22. Pat Tillman Bridge
  23. View from the bridge 😍
    Windy AF up there. But worth it.
  24. I could never live there but I 💙 desert views.
  25. And then I drove out to the 7 magic mountains
  26. Definitely a cool art installation ...definitely a way out drive
    Again, worth it.
  27. Background
  28. 7
  29. Obsessed
    I had never seen or even heard of a Joshua Tree until college (and I just thought it was a U2 cd name 🙈)
  30. My friend pointed out that this one is doing its best Capt Morgan impression 😂
  31. Old signs 💙
  32. Sunset drives 💙
  34. I wish this was scratch and sniff. Driving through the eucalyptus grove is always windows down.
  35. Steinbeck's favorite hike
  36. Easy to see why. It's now one of my favorites
  37. Views. Sunset.
  38. Pup
  39. Breathe in. Breathe out.
  40. Night. Waves. Peace.
  41. Childhood home. Also did the Steinbeck Center.
  42. Valley appreciation.
  43. Word.
  44. Mural across from Steinbeck Center.
  45. And ice cream from my favorite place in Santa Cruz and visiting with a friend.
  46. * SO CAL TRIP *
    This was originally planned before the random Britney trip brought me down south. And the day I was leaving to go down there @BrianaMoore texted to see if I wanted drive to Palm Springs and meet up with our other college friends, since I was already going to be down there. And we had a magical mini reunion, only missing one of our tribe.
  47. We stayed here and got to have a fun time laughing and sitting in a hot tub that in the morning we discovered to be super gross but oh well. No rashes or diseases yet.
  48. I am obsessed with the randomness of the Joshua Tree and the gorgeousness of the sky.
  49. Part of our crew. We were that group with 6 kids at Joshua Tree. I would have hated us if I weren't a part of us.
  50. I love old trees. I want to know the story of what happened to this charred log in the middle of the desert.
  51. I had never been to Joshua Tree National Park before (despite living in So Cal for 4 years). I'm an idiot.
  52. How cool is this?!
  53. I can't even.
  54. Henry requested to see the picture his mom had just taken. Kids these days...
  55. Ballers.
  56. I can't stop
  57. Baby Groot?
  58. Do not touch.
  59. Also, do not touch
  60. 😍
  61. These gals (and, per tradition the not present friend who is represented in drawn form) are good for the soul. Thankful for this spontaneous mini reunion.
  62. And of course I stopped by the dinosaurs on my way to the OC
  63. Roar?
  64. RAWR!
  65. (And my trip finished with hanging out with my OC friends laughing our asses off at Chapelle hosting SNL and then the Li.st mini meetup up in LA on my way home. Was a grand weekend)