1. My doorbell rang at 7:10am as I was getting ready for work.
    It's never a good sign when someone rings my doorbell, even worse so damn early.
  2. A lady asks "you drive the red jeep, right?"
    Yes, yes I do.
  3. "Someone hit it"
  4. So I put on shoes and grab my phone and go outside to the cold
  5. And yup. Someone nicely hit and ran my car. Like HIT and ran. Pushed it from in front of my house into the mailboxes.
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    It's a jeep Cherokee. That's an impressive feat.
  6. They damaged the hell out of their car and left parts behind. But sadly no plate.
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  7. So I had to call my insurance when I was supposed to be getting ready to leave for work.
  8. And snapped pictures of all the damage.
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  9. And started it, hoping I could just get a neighbor to push it away from the mailboxes.
  10. It started. It did not move.
  11. So as I'm finishing up with the insurance guy on the phone, I'm looking for the number of the school I'm supposed to sub at to let them know I'll be late.
    Luckily I was subbing for preschool and the afternoon teacher was able to cover for me until I could get there.
  12. I knocked on my neighbors door and asked if he could help me attempt to push my car.
    We attempted. We failed.
  13. Luckily, he offered me a ride so I could get to work. I never actually got to get ready so I was non teeth brushed or hair brushed. Had somehow managed deodorant though and threw my hair into a bun.
  14. Got to work. Spent my lunch break on the phone with my uncle who is in insurance to get an idea of what my future looked like.
    His diagnosis was not encouraging.
  15. Arranged for my sister in law to pick me up after school so at least I got some sunshine in my day thanks to my adorable babyniece.
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    She was wearing the aviators I got her along with the My Aunt Rocks shirt I got her.
  16. We also stopped by jack in the box on the way back to my house so I got a peppermint Oreo milkshake.
    I did not come close to finishing it
  17. I called my insurance claims again to get an update and they said they were waiting for me!
  18. Apparently I didn't need an adjuster to come out to the house and do a report.
    If I wanted one too it would take several days.
  19. So the other option was for it to get towed to a body shop for an estimate.
    My uncle is guessing they'll probably total it out.
  20. So, I prepared for the worst as I cleaned out the entire car.
    And it's amazing what accumulates in your car over the years.
  21. Here's the deal. My Jeep and I have been together for 14 years.
    His name is Tomàs de la Cruz. He just passed 284k miles.
  22. He has been the constant in my life. At times, he was my permanent address. He has held all my earthly possessions. He has moved me across the country and back.
  23. I am not ready to say goodbye.
  24. I attempted to say goodbye.
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    That was the closest I could get to hugging it goodbye. Because I am lame like that.
  25. I went in my house, took a shower and sobbed.
  26. Then I went next door to get a ride to the rental car place.
  27. While I await word on the diagnosis for Tomàs.
  28. I'm preparing for the worst. But hope that possibly he could still pull through.
    Also realistic that I am BROKE and can in no way afford to get a new car. So, that is adding to my emotionalness.
  29. I'm now gonna stuff my face with thanksgiving leftovers and watch comfort shows on my DVR.
  30. Because it was a shitty Monday.