Never go to Costco when you are poor and hungry and it's Christmas time so they have ALL the good things.
  1. I am a weather nerd.
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  2. Steak. All the steak.
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  3. Obviously.
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  4. Wouldn't be mad with either
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  5. This feels like a smoking deal
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  6. Why you so expensive?!
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  7. Need.
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  8. Danish for days!
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  9. So I could actually watch them
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  10. Simple. Easy. Comfort.
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  11. Because *i* couldn't not justify spending $40 when I really only need episode 3 but if someone else bought them I wouldn't be mad
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  12. All. The. Jelly. Bellys.
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  13. I spent $40 a pop on each season when they came out so this price is a steal/disgusts me
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  14. There's no way this isn't good
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  15. Both of these please
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  16. All. The. Ice Cream. Bars.
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  17. Because hilarity
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  18. Because I can't justify spending this $ but my face would appreciate it if someone else did
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  19. Because I only got to read half before I had to return it to the library and keep forgetting to re-add it to my library wait list.
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  20. Also, probably would also need proper storage to put all the things.