Setting the stage: babyniece loves dogs. Her dog Bruno is referred to as her buddy and her brother. Yesterday she started dropping honeymoon in a conversation. I asked her where she heard it and what it meant. TV and "a trip?" were her answers. So today she comes into the room and the following happens:
  1. "Bruno and I kissed!"
    Me: puzzled/slightly grossed out face. I like dogs. I don't like licking dogs.
  2. She leaves the room
  3. She runs back in
  4. "Bruno and I are going on our honeymoon!"
    She announces
  5. "Did you get married?"
    I ask
  6. "Not yet"
    She answers
  7. "Let's go to sleep and then we're leaving on our honeymoon!"
    She then lays on her bed and pretend sleeps for 10'seconds, with snores, obviously.
  8. "Where ya going?"
    I asked.
  9. "The ocean"
    Runs out again
  10. "We kissed again!"
    She announces. Then we moved on to other activities of play
  11. Later that day
    We go to where I am house/dog sitting. She starts playing with the dog, Shiloh. She declares she loves her and is her new favorite dog (tied with Aslan, another dog I watch).
  12. "Forget this, I am not marrying my brother!"
    She declares
  13. "I'm marrying Shiloh!"
    She proceeds to just hug this dog. Dog is unsure how to deal with so much love from the tiny human.
  14. Kisses!
    Lots more kissing and the dog licking her face.
  15. "Ok, let's go on our honeymoon"
    And then grabbed the ball and started playing fetch.
  16. 🐶❤️