1. Arrow
    Fully up to date. And so nice of the CW to have all of its shows have mid season finales that wrecked me and then make me have to wait. Well played.
  2. All of Younger
    I watched when it aired originally but they did marathons of the full season multiple times and I gave in. Excited for this one to be back.
  3. All of Galavant
    Watched the first half when it aired originally. Binged the whole season on demand this weekend because it's ridiculous fun and the guy who plays Galavant is 💯HOT.
  4. All the Christmas movies
    That's a lie. There's still so many sitting on my DVR because there are a million of them. And I'm totally okay with that.
  5. I did record all of Mr. Robot to binge sometime soon, I deleted Gotham because it seemed like too much to try and overcome when it'll be on Netflix eventually, and Fargo still sits on the DVR waiting to be properly devoured.