1. Pizza Hut was ON IT. Over a week early, offering me free cinnamon sticks.
  2. Togo's was also early and that is a damn fine freebie
  3. Panera has a surprise for me?!
  4. I went ONE TIME to this yoga place and they care enough to offer me this not great freebie.
  5. Hells yeah, Regal. Now that's a birthday freebie.
  6. I didn't know cares so much about me. 20% off my purchase?! Too kind
  7. Thanks Facebook
  8. Thanks uber...
  9. Thanks google homepage 😳
  10. 😳
  11. Us January 15ers are quite a special bunch... 🙌🏼
  12. Went one time. They sent me this. NO FREEBIE OR EVEN DISCOUNT. wtf massage envy.