This was WAY harder than I thought it would be and took me awhile to nail it down. Thanks for the thinking session, @ChrisK
  1. Calvin and Hobbes
    Whimsy. Fun. Ridiculous. Killer Monster Snow Goons. Character building. Calvinball. Spaceman Spiff. Imagination is king. Best friends are real (and yet adorably stuffed).
  2. East of Eden
    I live 75 miles east of where it takes place, and have driven though the area often on my way to the Coast. But the way Steinbeck describes it magnifies an already amazingly glorious looking place. I'd just like to live in the opening pages of the book.
  3. Any book of baseball writing by Roger Angell
    The way he writes, it's already like you're sitting in the seat next to him at the ballpark. I'd like to buy him a beer and keep score while watching a game and listen to him tell stories.
  4. Bridge to Terabithia
    This is a book that has stuck with me since childhood. And the movie didn't do justice to what is in my head when I read it. Even with the sadness, I want to go there.
  5. Hunger Games trilogy
    It's not that I really want to actually live in Panem, it's that the first time I read it (all 3 books in a 24hour period), I WAS IN IT. because that's what good engrossing fiction does for me, drops me into the world and it takes a few days to fully re-engage with the real world. And I love that feeling.
  6. John Grisham novel
    So I could get some free legal advice and hopefully help people. (I mean, I feel like I'm basically a lawyer after reading them all anyways)
  7. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
    Because when I was reading it I basically already felt like we would have been wonderfully dorky friends
  8. Life Itself
    This is technically sitting on my To Read pile but I can't imagine not wanting to live in a book of Roger Ebert talking movies. I wanted to be him growing up, I'd happily watch movies and be his other thumb up 👍🏻
  9. The Royal We
    It was a world I didn't want to leave and luckily I read it during the summer so I didn't have to until I totally finished it (in one day). Engrossing and great attention to detail and fun and realistic and ridiculous and interesting characters that you could totally chill at the pub with.
  10. Guinness Book of World Records
    Weird knowledge and facts are my jam. But I would be freaked out if the actual long-nailed freak shows were living in the book with me.
  11. A Mechanics book? Is that a thing?
    Basically, I wanna know how cars work and how to fix them, but it would take me living in the book to actually understand it.
  12. Algebra book (realistically 6-8 grade level)
    Because I weirdly love doing your basic algebra problems and so I would be entertained while helping my mind
  13. Narnia. Or The Shire.
    Since Tolkien and Lewis were buddies I'm pretending that the two locales are neighboring and I can take a walking journey in between (or catch a ride with Aslan) whenever I want.