Just found a large box full of framed pictures. Enjoy the memories that I thought deserved to be framed at one point in time
  1. Breakfast Club
    This was the morning I left for college. We went out to breakfast and it became tradition.
  2. Birthday Mud Football
    We played mud football often back in the day. This was in January so slightly colder than the traditional Memorial Day event.
  3. Angels in the Outfield
    All School Angels Game in college. 2002. Would come back to haunt me. Note: wearing ORANGE baseball tee to support my team that wasn't playing.
  4. Junior Senior Banquet
    Honestly, pretty sure I just framed this one because I looked hot (and it was with Hot Will)
  5. Collage of friends
    Including restaurant that used to be inside the huge old navy in SF (which was a big deal to visit) and "white trashing it" (sitting in front of my house in lawn chairs)
  6. New Years Day Sunset pic
    On 17 mile drive in Monterey. Another beginning of tradition.
  7. Random day in college
    Probably framed because of my hair which has never ever looked like that before or since.
  8. High school bestie
    We = adorable, even in an era when visors were considered okay
  9. Passing out fliers
    Notable for the fact I have bangs and am wearing boxers and socks (it was fashionable!!!)
  10. Senior pictures
    Childhood bestie. Taken by only fancy photographer in town, pre everyone is a fancy photographer who take cool senior pictures in unique locations era
  11. Another All School Angels Game
    It was a regular occurrence in college. But back then they were owned by Disney and had the BEST fireworks show EVER.
  12. Homecoming Princess photo shoot
    We were nominated and we were friends. We did a "photo shoot" together so that whoever won we would have a picture displayed with all of us. We were also hilarious.
  13. Giants Game
    Good times. Frame work = 💯
  14. Another Giants game
    But look closely at that framework. Blockbuster! Matt and Ben! Top Gun! And photos ripped from pages of Delia*s catalogs.
  15. Bigger collage of friends
    Including prom, formal, life before in-n-out was in my town, New Year's Eve 1999, and hanging out at Taco Bell in my PJs.
  16. Happy Birthday on a Boat
    Adorable roomies.
  17. Howdy boys
    My best guy friends. Basically needed a photo that went with the frame.
  18. Sunset
    I LOVE SUNSETS. wanted to make a book of my shots.
  19. Smitty Style Shot
    Pre selfie era this was my regular shot. With a film camera. I nailed them. This was my crowning achievement.
  20. First cigar
    It was my birthday present to this guy.
  21. Baseball quote
    On the wall at AT&T Park
  22. Sad dead snow globe
    Not framed but in the box-O-frames
  23. Made for my brother
    But made copy for myself.
  24. Fifth Grade Me
    Also not framed but in the box. Again, plaid boxers as real shorts. The 90s, man.
  25. Best guy friend's wedding
    These boys were my rocks for such a good part of my life.
  26. Local photos
    I took these. About a mile from my house. I had a "local" table in my living room with books based off my area.
  27. Homecoming Court
    In college. Because small college can be high school.
  28. Post 50ft slip n slide
    Inside a kiddie pool. Again, in college. Because we were grown ups.
  29. Pre game At Game 7, 2002
    Yes, I'm wearing a cape. I made an SF out of masking tape and colored it orange on the cape. We were asked "are you guys friends?" everywhere we went in the stadium.