1. We were both running late...
  2. And then got there at basically the same time! Which worked out well.
  3. Went into Starbucks and grabbed some beverages.
  4. And you guys @JillCarley is delightful!
  5. And she was super excited about getting a @list name tag
    Because I'm nerdy enough to bring them along, even if it's just the 2 of us!
  6. We had the usual conversation about just how lovely and nice the list community is.
  7. We talked growing up in the Central Valley and making your own fun.
  8. We determined it was me who invented forking someone's lawn
    Who's to argue with us on that? It's like dinosaur knowledge. Who's going to be able to prove you're wrong? We can't actually go back see what dinosaurs REALLY looked like. (NPR inspired conversation)
  9. We commiserated about how crazy red our area is politically and the state of the world and how we believe in hope and goodness.
  10. We talked TV. And how if you love a show it'll inevitably get cancelled. And she's got me interested in the British baking shows.
  11. I'm encouraging her to write lists about the quirks of her smalltown and the jumping frog competition. They'll be epic!
  12. We kept having "you get it!" moments.
  13. Basically, we just sat and talked. And it was fantastic!
  14. I'm thinking that what Li.st truly is is a breeding ground for new adult friendships. Like a dating app, but better. You know you've got common ground, you get glimpses into personalities, etc. it's hard enough as a grownup to make new friends but Li.st seems to have a magical way of bringing people together. One of the many things I love about it.
  15. So, to sum up, @JillCarley is fantastic. And she's a newer lister so if you aren't following her, you should!! And I'm so happy to have another lister in the same area code and a new friend and excited to hang out more in the future!