1. Kindergarten: Michael Z.
    He would push me on the swing. And I was convinced we would get married but I was worried that I wouldn't be able to remember how to spell his last name when I wrote out checks. (Note: I could not for the life of me tell you what his last name actually was)
  2. Jr High: John Tooma and Daniel Cortez
    They both had THE cute boy haircut. And were funny. And smart. And we would compete to see who would finish tests fastest and get the highest grades. This actually continued through high school. But I never did anything about it because I was a sissy who liked to flirt but didn't want to get hurt/rejected.
  3. Jr High-HS: Jon Stewart
    Not that one. He was "like my brother" or so I told my mom (and did eventually end up that way). We often got into wrestle fights and hat stealing flirtations. Also one that usually liked and tried to date my friends. Once told me that the perfect girl would be a combo of my friend Jennifer and me because I was so flirty and she wasn't. Interpret that as teenage me did :/
  4. High School: Gene Roberts
    Classic bad boy obsession. He went to my church and was my friend's younger brother. He played basketball. He was a rebel and a bad boy (and had a Dennis Rodman poster in his room). He usually liked one of my friends but still always talked and flirted with me. And I was always so excited when the pastor asked everyone to hold hands during prayer and I was sitting next to him. We regularly ditched Sunday school to get donuts and often got in trouble for goofing off.
  5. High School: Ryan Smith
    Also had THE cute boy haircut. We met on a missions trip to Barbados. He was from 2 hours away from my home. We ended up exchanging emails (technically my friends and his parents because this was the mid90s and we didn't have our own yet) and met up a couple times but nothing ever actually became of it. Which was a bummer because I was kinda excited to not have to go through the paperwork of having to change my last name if we got married.