It's different every year which ones make the cut. Here's the 2015 holiday season playlist
  1. SBTB - A Home for Christmas
    This two parter about homelessness is one of my all time favorite saved by the bell episodes. Like, I remember watching it for the first time. Very Special Episodes were such a good and important thing.
  2. Supernatural - A Very Supernatural Christmas
    This is where I first heard of Krampus. And it's just a great brother episode.
  3. The Mindy Project - Christmas Party Sex Trap
    The gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Friends - the One with the Holiday Armadillo
    So. Damn. Good. Every. Time.
  5. Bones - The Man in the Fallout Shelter
    This is in my top ten Bones episodes of all time (not that I've watched the last few season but I'm assuming none of the recent ones would bump it). One of the best to explore the faith vs science of Booth and Brennan.
  6. HIMYM - Symphony of Illumination
    Sad? Yes. But still good. And the ACDC at the end 💯
  7. Seinfeld - The Strike
    Because Festivus was the greatest thing Seinfeld ever gave us (that's not true. It gave us MANY MANY other things but that's for another list another day).
  8. The West Wing - In Excelsis Deo
    Cemented WW as a favorite show of all time. Such an amazing episode.
  9. Bones - The Santa in the Slush
    Sure, Carl Winslow is in it and a crapload of santas but this is all about The Kiss.
  10. Home Improvement - Yule Better Watch Out
    First season. I had to resort to YouTube to watch. This show needs to be streaming already!