Good background for decorating and cleaning and baking and wrapping time!
  1. The OC - The Best Chrismukkah Ever
    Chrismukkah miracles! 🎄✡ Seth Cohen Starter Packs! 🎅🏻 The first sighting of Oliver Trask 😫
  2. The Office - Christmas Party
    The Teapot Secret Santa. Swoon. Also, remember when video iPods were a big deal?!
  3. LOST - The Constant
    Maybe an unconventional Christmas episode but that Christmas Eve phone call 😢❤️😢
  4. 30 Rock - Ludachristmas
    So many great parts. Jack wanting to be part of Lemon's upbeat encouraging family! Kenneth's backfire. And Andy Richter!
  5. Psych - Gus' Dad may have Killed an Old Guy
    Also, Christmas Joy and The Polarizing Express. Great fun all around.
  6. The Big Bang Theory - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
    Honestly? Probably my favorite TBBT episode of all-time.
  7. Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Home for the Holidays
    I was gonna do a shot from the actual episode but then google images gave me this gift. Because really, this is what the episode is REALLY about.