It started when I had gotten laid off a couple weeks before Christmas and since I'm still poor and my family now opens my gifts first for the treats the tradition has lived on.
  1. Funfetti Fudge
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    A new addition this year. I was skeptical but it's actually pretty tasty and super easy.
  2. Chance Christmas Cookies
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    I lived with a wonderful family named The Chances for a couple years and they always make these for Christmas and I literally can't stop eating them so I've continued on the tradition. These go in the gift pack every year. And it's just butter sugar flour almond extract and green or red food dye to make it festive.
  3. Peppermint Pretzels
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    Pretzels dipped in peppermint candy melts and then dipped in crushed candy canes. A new addition this year.
  4. Standard Dipped Pretzels
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    They look kinda gross in this pic but they are addictive (as all chocolate covered pretzels are)
  5. Cherry Bomb Cake Balls
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    New recipe! (Thanks Internet) I usually do red velvet cake balls or Oreo truffles but saw this recipe and wanted to try. Rave reviews!
  6. Not included: these bad boys
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    You know those food videos on Facebook where they make all the recipes look super easy? Decided to try the mini Oreo cheesecakes. But I don't have a mixer. So it never took proper whipped form. Like lumpy and watery. Like gross. But still tried to bake and see if they would still work. And then my oven shut off partway through. Took that as a sign.