1. Can we be friends at some point this weekend?!
  2. I'm driving down Thursday night and will head to Vegas Friday afternoon
  3. And then my bestie flies out of Vegas at 8am on Saturday (BRUTAL) so I've basically got the weekend to kill before coming home.
  4. Any good activities happening?
  5. Anyone wanna do an impromptu @ListMeetUps ?
  6. @listbot can I come meet you Friday? Is it rude to invite myself over? I just want a cool selfie with you!
  7. @Jakes you should still probably buy me a drink because of your damn mush bet that killed the Even Year Magic
  8. Where my So Cal peeps at?!
    @nikkilounoel @HisDudeness @k8mcgarry I know there's so many more but I'm totally blanking right now! @element75 are you still in LA? Or was it just for work?
  9. I'll probably try and see friends in The OC too but if it's possible to meet some of y'all, you know I want to!!
  10. Hugs for everybody!!