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  15. Guess what. This has NOTHING to do with Kap. When you move to a new stadium and price out your loyal fan base and so no one shows up AND the ones that do bake in the sun AND you've given the fans a garbage team then YES you have to lower your prices to get people to come to your games.
    Also, in the midst of the downfall that was last season, people were trying to get rid of their season tickets AND NO ONE WAS BUYING THEM. But the front office still doesn't listen. NOTHING to do with Kap. But I digress.
  16. Hey, guess what, this conversation was already happening months ago before he said anything.
    Again, the front office is TERRIBLE and treats people poorly and has been trying to get rid of him for awhile now.
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  32. This all breaks my heart so much. I was a long term sub for Colin in high school. He's a good smart kid. His parents definitely raised him right. I can't imagine what they're enduring right now, just because their kid is trying to start a much needed conversation.
    We can debate all day about the "right way" but the fact of the matter is, he had the right and freedom to do what he did. And people still don't get the WHY. I can't tell you the anti-BLM posts on my Facebook. I literally had my cousins wife post "who started the black lives matter anyways? Seems to be causing more harm than good" I just don't even know what to do with that.