1. In 2010, I was living in Boston when something I never thought would ever happen, happened.
    I was at Fenway on the last day of the season listening to the Giants game and as Posey hit his home run, my phone battery died. I didn't know for sure if we beat the Padres and was FREAKING out. My friend I was staying with isn't a baseball fan and didn't "get" why I was upset. We had planned on going to watch The Town after the game. I had a hard time focusing. Soon I got to know that we were going to the playoffs!
  2. When we ACTUALLY made it into the World Series, I was so insanely homesick it was bad. Led to one of the worst bouts of depression in my life (which may seem so dumb but it was the gateway)
    But one of the many reasons why sports are such an amazing thing is how it brings people together. The first night of the WS I was walking around trying to find a bar to watch the game in and came across a guy in an SF hat and he stopped me and we went on a quest to find a bar with sound on the tv. Ended up back at the bar he was originally at with his GF. He insisted I join them, picked up my tab, and as the game went on we were joined by 10 more fans and loudly took over the bar. It was magic.
  3. This continued throughout the Series. Everywhere I went I managed to find another fan clad in orange and black.
    One night my friend actually came out with me. We went to Bleacher Bar, actually in the outfield wall at Fenway. I watched a couple games there. One of the times I met 2 people from San Jose and the guy convinced the bartender to put on I Left My Heart in San Francisco as soon as the game ended. More magic.
  4. The night the Giants clinched, my friend I was staying with told me that they had set up the antenna so I could watch at the house.
    And promptly took a video of me as Brian Wilson (love of my life) threw that final pitch and my team was World Champs for the first time in my life and the world as I knew it changed. My phone blew up. My Facebook blew up. I almost went over my text plan for the first time in my life. I got online and bought my first World Series champs hoodie. It was magic. It SUCKED that I was across the country, but it was still magic.
  5. 2011 wasn't an even year but it was still full of magic for me because I was back home and got to soak in everything with an even greater sense of Giants pride.
    Fanfest that year was MAGIC. My friend was a season ticket holder and since I hadn't gotten to go to the parade he offered me his tickets to get in an hour before the general public. My bestie and I went through the Giants clubhouse autograph line 3 times and met Buster, Panda, MadBum, and others. Brian Wilson walked in the room next to the line I was in and I DIED. We went and had a picnic in left field, paying homage to Bonds. It is one of the best days I've ever experienced as a Giants fan.
  6. 2012 arrived. In April I had declared it The Year of Zito. What a great season. One night in June I took a few of my employees to a game. One of them it was her first game EVER. Matt Cain was pitching.
    As we were enjoying our nachos before the game, the A's fan and I were discussing Cainer and that he was due for something cool to happen. As the game went on, we kept sneaking glances at each other. Around the 6th inning I jumped in the row behind us and started pacing and jumping around. The girl didn't understand and we couldn't explain it. AND THEN. the catch that is basically a requirement for special games happened and we KNEW. still nervous. then 27 perfect outs had been made and MAGIC!!!
  7. As the 2012 season was ending and the Giants won the West, I was beyond overjoyed to be on the proper coast this time around.
    And then they were down to the Reds. AND THEN THEY CAME ROARING BACK. and then CARDINALS. And the MAGIC of the game where they had a huge lead and I was still nervous and then started to rain and Scutaro put his arms up Shawshank style and they won and we're going to the World Series AGAIN. and it was magic.
  8. I was a manager at a Sports facility. We had 2 bars with the game on but it was cruel for me to have to work and wear a uniform (especially since my polo was dodger blue) and ugh. I made many rounds through the bars to catch as much of the games as I could.
    I felt like I deserved to get to just watch the games. Didn't they realize I hadn't gotten to live my proper life in 2010? Didn't they know that this may never happen again?!
  9. I worked for the Tigers in 2006. If they had been in the World Series against any other team, I would be rooting for them. But they were playing my Giants. And it was The Year of Zito.
    Zito vs Verlander. Game one. No one could have called that at the start of 2012. Or that Pablo would hit 3 homers in the game. Just more magic.
  10. The clinching game, I had to work. Which just seemed so unfair but whatever. I made a pact with one of my workers who was also a die hard fan that I'd get him when it was 3 outs to go. He and I (and a crowd of others) stood at the bar watching and then hugged and cheered and highfived. Then I was told to get back to work. Still bitter. But...magic
  11. Then the parade date was announced. Halloween 2012. And I HAD THE DAY OFF! Magic was happening.
    Got off work around 1:15am. Drove 30min home and then got up at 4am to go to BART and head into the City. We had a gallon of Screwdriver. We had a killer spot. Magic. Then Hunter Pence approached and I screamed "Take it off!" (Thanks screwdriver) AND THEN HE TOOK OFF HIS SWEATSHIRT...and threw it to the kid 2 spots next to me. Still bitter but overall a great moment. And more importantly, I WAS THERE and got to experience ALL THE MAGIC.
  12. And then the 2014 season started and the Even Year Magic talk slowly started to pick up. I'm a lifelong fan and have been trained to know that jinxes are real and disappointment happens and I couldn't be that lucky. It was selfish. We had 2 rings and that was more than I'd ever imagined possible in my lifetime.
    But again, the national media ignored us, thus cementing the underdog status that drives this amazing team of guys. And magic kept creeping in. PLUS my lifelong dream of working for the Giants had come true! Extra magic.
  13. I was also working as a Sub and became known as the Giants teacher. In October I wore orange and black EVERYDAY.
    Months later I subbed for a class that I hadn't had since October and they didn't recognize me because I was wasn't wearing anything Giants.
  14. After the Giants won the wild card game, my bestie and I got to talking and this is what happened
  15. THIS was going to be my Postseason. I was in California. I was working a job where I could actually be off and enjoy the games. I had all rally items at the ready. It was happening.
  16. And then it REALLY happened. My sister in law's mom had an extra ticket to game 3 at AT&T Park. My friend convinced me to do an informal gofundme on my Facebook page (she even created a website for my story) and within an hour I had the $300 in my paypal account and the ticket was MINE
    It was MAGICAL. the energy was unreal, didn't matter we were in the upper decks. We lost (which led to me thinking I was a jinx) but it was still so amazing.
  17. And THEN a friend from college whose husband had started working as the Giants replay review guy offered me 2 tickets to the post game party for after game 5.
    So my friend and I came back into the City and had a magical night. We didn't have game tickets but that didn't matter. Big crowds were gathered all around the ballpark. We walked around and heard the game everywhere. We watched on the Jumbotron. And then the last out happened and we watched the fireworks and screamed and hugged and cheered and chanted Let's Go Giants and everyone was best friends and it was magic. Then we went into the party and got free food and drinks and even more magic.
  18. I didn't have cable or internet at my house during this whole time. I was surviving by Twitter and going to my friends house to watch. Game 6 I did the radio and Twitter and when it seemed obvious that there was going to be a Game 7, my 2002 PTSD came roaring back. Only this time it was Blue haunting me instead of Red.
    One of my favorite Twitter accounts had been posting this image often and I had threatened to make my own. I went to the store as soon as Game 6 ended, knowing if need it for Game 7 (and because I'm a super dork)
  19. Barf Bucket + rally gear + orange Mountain Dew in my rally koozie. Game ready. Stressed as shit.
    But then it did not start off promising. But then Jeremy Affeldt came in and calmed it down. AND THEN.
  20. This beautiful bastard came in from the bullpen. And a legend was born.
    And it got dicey in the bottom of the 9th and I was hugging my barf bucket and felt ALL THE EMOTIONS and THEN. Pop Up. Catch. Busterhug. MAGIC. 3 in 5. So UNREAL.
  21. The next night I had youth group and we were dressing up for Halloween.
    I showed up as The Magic Wandoo (a term that had been coined by our broadcasters for when something went the Giants way that shouldn't have. A ball drops in or hits a bag, etc) and one of my Jr. higher a showed up as a Royals fan, complete with tears. It was magic.
  22. Then I got to go to another parade and scream my head off and get covered in confetti and it was glorious and magic.
    This was how my 2014 shrine finished up. Obviously, the evidence of a great and magical season.
  23. And now here we are in 2016. Another even year. And this time, there's expectations. All around. It's "expected." No more underdog status.
    And the thing is, we actually have an even better team. Pitching and defense and the most solid lineup we've had probably since the Bonds years. And while I would love to see it and hope it happens, I know it's not inevitable. I know that it can't really go on like this forever. I'm trying to have realistic expectations. But I'm also A diehard fan. And hope for the best but cheer no matter what. Until they are mathematically eliminated I always hope they're going the distance.
  24. Today is our home opener. And it's against the Dodgers, the greatest rivalry in baseball (sorry not sorry Yankees and Red Sox).
    There's 159 games left in this wild ride of a season. I'm gonna enjoy them all (even if they are full of torture as Giants games tend to be).
  25. It's a great and glorious game, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.