1. During Double Jeopardy this bad boy showed up!
  2. I can't begin to express how excited I was for this.
  3. And then the JERKS/dum-dums went for things like 2016 Nobel Prize (which I did quite well on) and Geology
  4. They only answered a few during the round
  5. 1) Who is Bo Derek?
    I got this one!
  6. 2) What is Love Story?
    I did not get this one.
  7. And then it was the last category left so they had to do it.
  8. 3) What is the Midwife?
    I got this one too.
  9. (Fun fact: I've never seen any of those movies or that tv show. My pop culture knowledge is just that "good")
  10. And then the round ended 😫😩😕😡
  11. But I'm just gonna go ahead and assume Jenny from Forrest Gump was one of them.