1. I wish Tina and Amy would host every year for all eternity.
  2. The Weinstein dig and reaction shots. Priceless (or rather the price of a golden globe or 2 apparently)
  3. Drinking game for everytime Ricky says he doesn't care
  4. No one cares.
  5. This bear bit. Nope. So dumb. Except for Channing asking how Leo tastes. That won.
  6. Love Kate. She's the best.
  7. I want to watch that Golden Globes Andy Samberg was talking about. Patrick Stewart with a full head of hair. That's a world I wanna live in.
  8. The uncomfortable laugh of Matt Damon. Was it the crack about the Martian being a comedy or he being the only one Affleck has always been faithful to?
  9. Batman superman commercial. I'm already dead.
  10. Rachel Bloom winning for Crazy Ex-girlfriend. And her speech. Watch this show, people!
  11. Funny Statham. Always. Please.
  12. Jamie Foxx. Being all Jamie Foxx-y. Like old school comedy Foxx. Miss that guy. Good to see him again but points for the Steve Harvey joke.
  13. Eva and America's relevant banter
  14. Gosling and Pitt. I miss when they played more cheerful fun roles.
  15. The look on Stallone's face when they announced him as the winner
  16. And the standing O he subsequently received
  17. And then his speech
  18. Wahlberg and Ferrell in the ridiculous 2016 glasses
  19. Will Ferrell saying buttholes.
  20. Aziz with the brilliant book prop
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    With a Patrick Stewart photobomb
  21. Gael Garcia Bernal's joyful genuine speech. And the shoutout to music bringing us all together.
  22. Zoolander 2 commercial.
  23. Something all women can agree on, we all hope we age as perfectly as Helen Mirren.
  24. That instant classic Leo reaction GIF
  25. Good to know Katy Perry is still alive
  26. Mel Gibson. Colposcopy joke. 💩
  27. Tom Hanks doing the Denzel clap.
  28. God, Denzel is such a damn good actor.
  29. Denzel and his wifey. Real relationship goals.
  30. Also, tell me more about his bearded son.
  31. Chris. Evans.
  32. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, Spotlight. See it.
  33. Deadpool. It's almost here!
  34. Michael Keaton. Always. And. Forever.
  35. I'm obsessed with J Law's necklace
  36. Hometown Kentucky. Or state. Whatevs. J Law forever.
  37. I do now want to watch the Revenant.
  38. Stop trying to get me to watch Shades of Blue, nbc.
  39. Movies classified as comedy/musical will never stop being partially ridiculous.
  40. Good to see Jim Carrey is still alive. And still 2 time golden globe winner Jim Carrey. And still GD funny.
  41. The Martian is not a comedy or musical. But it does has comedy and music so I guess that counts.
  42. Also, if you haven't seen it yet DO IT.
  43. Stay hungry. Keep bouncing the ball.
  44. Also if you haven't read The Martian yet DO IT.
  45. Also I love that Ridley Scott gives less than zero Fs about the play off music.
  46. LEO!
  47. About damn time.
  48. I know they aren't attempting to play off Leo.
  49. Leo gives zero Fs
  50. Harrison!
  51. Shalom.
  52. #1 network plugging itself despite no GG nominations. Attaboy, NBC.
  53. Go Leo
  54. P.S. I need all the Kate and Leo / Rose and Jack jokes and pictures and memes since they both won. I know they're out there!