1. Taylor has my moms haircut and I can't take her seriously
    Boots part of jumpsuit? How?
  2. This guy
    He was so damn pumped but I couldn't tell if it was because he was on tv or could touch Taylor while he was on tv
  3. This glitter falling. Is it landing on all the people?
    Never mind yes it is. I'd be super annoyed.
  4. Oh LL. Do people who watch CBS even know he was a rapper or is he just the dude from NCIS LA?
    Fun fact. Ladies Love COOL James. His real life last name is Smith. He's totally (not) my cool uncle.
  5. I like that his monologue is basically just a clip show.
  6. This is my going to be my introduction to Hamilton. Will I become obsessed like the rest of y'all?
  7. Cube and his kid look so much alike. And nice use of bling, junior!
  8. Glory to God Count
  9. Kendrick. He's adorable.
  10. Niners represent!! Boldin! Oh, Von Miller. What hasn't he be on in the last week.
    They seriously introducing Carrie and Sam?! Aight...
  11. I miss Carrie's sparkly mic.
  12. Forearms.
  13. Eddie the Eagle. Y'all just the commercial makes tears appear in my eyes. Looks so good.
  14. Legitimate question. How does The Weeknd do that with his hair?! What's the physics behind that? Also, him just singing with the cello is actually really great and enjoyable. He should do it more often.
  15. Gary Sinise. Always shouting out the troops. And genuine and backing it up. Lt. Dan 4ever.
  16. Stapleton!! Glitter bomb. Hahaha. I love this guy. And that they're sitting with John and Chrissy
  17. CORDEN!!
    He's just the best.
  18. This Lionel tribute 👍🏻🔥 John Legend + 🎹 = swoooon. Demi CAN sing. Don't know why it keeps surprising me. She straight SLAYS 🔥 Luke Bryan = unexpected choice. But it kinda worked. Tyrese! Whaaa?! Lionel's jacket is spectacular.
    That was GREAT!
  19. Dave Grohl. Rocking the red solo cup at the Grammys whilst getting down to All Night Long. YES.
  20. Little Big Town. They played our county fair and the guys came and played at the golf course I worked at. There's your random Jen-related fact for the night.
    Also, this is a beautiful rendition. Why do artists only do gorgeous slowed down versions that showcase the voices, words, and instruments on award shows? Why can't songs on the radio sound this great?!
  21. Stevie and pentatonix. Beautiful.
    And with the jokes whilst he's opening the envelope. Bahaha. So good.
  22. Taylor is like a proud parent with Ed's win. His actual proud parents so adorable.
    Oh man. Cut off his writing partner. Rude.
  23. Yes!! Tori and James!! Love them both so much. Again, stripped down, beautiful vocals, why can't this be the norm?!?!
    Wonderful. Talented musicians. So damn good.
  24. Hamilton. Yup. I get it now.
    Also, it has been FAR TOOOOO LOOOOONG since I've seen a live show. That needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  25. Has there only been like 2 or 3 awards handed out so far?
  26. Kendrick Lamar. Used the whole damn stage. And used it WELL. damn, son. Performance Art at its finest. Keep doing you, Kendrick!!
    I'm also super loving the saxophone in this jam.
  27. Seth with the Family Guy apology 😂
  28. These poor other shows nominated against Hamilton.
    Rapping his speech. Of course. Also, how did this work? Did the audience get the whole show? Did they have to watch the opening again? How cool to have been them?
  29. Live music video? This Gwen sounds like old No Doubt. It's definitely better than her last single.
    Is this about Blake? So weird.
  30. Elle King is rock?! Alabama Shakes are fantastic and happy they won but man, rock is different these days.
  31. Bruno is such a tiny little squirrel. He wrote a song with Adele?! I retract that. He's such a talented tiny little squirrel.
    Get the audio figured out. This is ADELE.
  32. I appreciate that she's performing in what she wore to the show. She's the best and realest.
  33. Damnit Biebz. That stripped down Love Yourself. 🔥🔥 also, this is the first thing skrillex has been a part of that I've enjoyed.
    Even with that ridiculous facial hair and mess on top of his head he's won me over and I hate it. I blame James Corden. and the kid's actual musical ability that got pushed to the background the last few years.
  34. James Bay. Tori Kelly. Even Sam Hunt. Way more deserving than Meghan Trainor. At least in the fact that her album was in 2014. I'll never understand the Grammy's stupid rules for qualifying as a Best NEW Artist.
  35. Lady Gaga doing the Bowie tribute was the best idea the Grammy people have EVER had. She was MADE for this moment.
    Especially that We Can Be Heroes finale. Boom.
  36. Chris Stapleton for ALL the things, please. Bonnie Raitt. Damn lady. She's ageless. Gary Clark Jr. Didn't know him before this but now I'm off to Spotify. That's one of the good things about the Grammys. Introducing me to new music!
  37. Alabama Shakes!!! They've been added to my Wanna See Live list.
    PS does electric guitar = rock? Because then the classification and earlier Grammy win makes so much more sense. PPS I wanna be friends with the bearded drummer. Hubba hubba.
  38. Dave Grohl. Remind me to tell you my Dave Grohl story sometime. He's a golden God.
  39. Johnny Depp? WTF? Can't stand the guy but he didn't totally ruin that.
    Also, THIS is ROCK. 🤘🏼 shredding. Guitarfaces. Boom.
  40. Hold up. This is a real thing that's happening? For realz?
  41. This kid. 12 year old Grammy nominee. Yes. Support the Arts y'all!!
  42. But stop making me feel guilty for streaming. I spend $12.99 a month on Spotify. I go to shows when I can afford it. I'll still buy albums and songs that i LOVE. I'm poor, it's what I can afford! Wish I could buy all the songs.
  43. James Horner! Celine's husband! Natalie Cole! And so many others. This getting older is not the business :(
  44. Taylor's "I can't believe I won" face is one of my least favorite things in the world. But calling out Kanye. Boom.
  45. I can now only see the SNL short when I see Beyoncé now. "She's black?!"
  46. Record of the Year = song played the most everywhere and is unavoidable and will get stuck in your head for days? Then YES uptown funk was the most deserving.
  47. Pitbull? Closing number? Really? Did he really sing a song that doesn't say a location?
    I wonder what he looks like without shaving his head?
  48. That was more entertaining than it should have been. I'm gonna blame Joe Perry and Travis Barker. Couldn't be Pitbull and Robin Thicke.
  49. Not the best. Not the worst. Had its good moments. Peace out Grammys ✌️