1. Every year this issue of @EW shows up in my mailbox
    (And this year the Winchesters and Baby were on the cover and it was instantly one of the best ones in years. Points for the Moose and Squirrel)
  2. And I turn to this page
  3. And begin my yearly tradition of creating my Gameplan
  4. And every year begins with high hopes for shows to be as good as I hope they have the potential to be. And high hopes that I'll also somehow watch all the shows.
  5. So here's my gameplan for the 2016-17 season:
  6. Monday and Tuesday
    I mean, most of these won't make my long term viewing. Based on the fact that I'm woefully behind on Gotham, I don't have high hopes for Man with a Plan but I gave Joey a shot so it can't be that bad (right?). I have highest hopes for This is Us and No Tomorrow.
  7. Wednesday and Thursday
    Such promise for Wednesday shows. Very excited for Speechless and for Jack Bauer to be president (I know it's not him but it will be in the fan fiction in my head). Thursday I'll be waiting for me to love Pitch and for FOX to be its usual stupid self and cancel it. And for Ted Danson and Kristen Bell to be back on my Tv will be glorious.
  8. Friday and Sunday
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! So beyond ready for a new season!! Intrigued by MacGyver, high chance it's gonna be awful but still have to give it a shot. And Quantico! And my goodness I'm ready for more Last Man on Earth.
  9. I ❤️📺