1. My best friend and I have been Brit-Brit fans since the beginning.
  2. When her Vegas shows were first announced, we VOWED to get to see her.
  3. And Bestie's sister lives in Vegas so we thought that would make it easier to make it a reality.
  4. Spoiler alert: it has not made it easier.
  5. And now, Bestie is flying from Georgia to Vegas for a work thing. And Britney is ACTUALLY having a show while she's here.
  6. So we are determined to finally see her.
  7. Except for one small problem.
  8. Tickets are insanely high priced.
  9. And no one seems to have connections to get cheaper tickets. And apparently we don't know any high rollers who get comped tickets (or is that just a thing that happens in the movies? I've only been to Vegas for a wedding and a bachelorette party where we saw Celine in concert)
  10. And so I throw it out to you glorious and wise people of List.
  11. Do you have any recommendations or ideas on how we can make this dream a reality?
  12. Because my Bestie has had a particularly shitty year and deserves to have this dream come true.
    She's got 5 kids and her husband is an army ranger who was gone for 2 years. And when he got back, she got pregnant (which is a medical miracle) but lost the baby a few weeks ago. Like I said, shitty year. But you know who can help heal a shitty year? Britney, bitch!
  13. And I'm planning on driving to Vegas simply to see her and hopefully for us to see Britney.
  14. Any ideas?!