1. In line at the Bell, looking to keep it cheap.
  2. Order bean burrito and double decker supreme and small Dr Pepper
    Small drink for cheapness and in a dumb effort to not drink as much soda
  3. Total is $6.10
  4. Get to the window and hand him my card
  5. And he says your total is $5.14
  6. As he turns, I do a "wait, what?"
  7. Then he hands me my receipt and I start looking at it to make sure it was really my order
  8. And he says "it did come out cheaper, right?"
  9. And continues...
  10. "I made it into a meal deal and so you got a bag of Doritos and a bigger drink. Hope that's ok."
  11. 😏yup, that's ok
  12. 🏆MVP🏆