1. Babyniece and I were pretend driving on the bed
  2. And I made a game of changing the station and singing new songs everytime we changed
  3. (And too many were playing the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  4. So we changed the station a bunch
  5. Then we "got home" and she said we should use the tv as our radio
  6. Which made me say:
  7. "Hey kid, once upon there was a tv channel that JUST played music videos"
  8. And she pretend fainted
  9. Because she couldn't imagine such a thing.
  10. I was like "no seriously people made videos that went with their songs. When me and mommy and daddy were younger we used to watch videos after school"
  11. Now I'm off to show her Shake It Off on YouTube because YouTube is apparently MTV to this generation.