1. Once upon a time, I binged all the first season episodes of Young and Hungry on Netflix. When I discovered season 2 wasn't on TV yet, I rewatched them. It was summer, please don't judge.
    I miss the opening credits from the first season. So cute and fun!
  2. Then, I DVRed and watched the new season.
  3. And then this season Josh and Gabi, FINALLY.
  4. But then, in classic Young and Hungry form, stuff happened. Plans went awry. Schemes. Misunderstandings. Twists.
  5. All of which led to Gabi going on @rachaelray to talk about the Dumped Truck food truck.
    Which is GENIUS and needs to be a real thing. Well done, writers!! Those food item names 😂
  6. And it was hilarious and perfect.
    Though being the nerd that I am I was thinking the whole time, is her show actually live? Couldn't they have edited before it aired? But then was like, no the social media exposure would be worth it, right? And then reminded myself that it is in fact a fictional episode of television on the former ABC Family.
  7. Good episode. All came back to "normal"
  8. But that wasn't the meta part!
  9. The tag at the end started and the food truck had Broke Ass Gourmet on it and I was like "waaaaait a minute...."
  10. And then there was @gabimoskowitz !!
  11. And fun meta jokes were made, her actual blog was plugged, and I smiled because I was like "she's on the list app!" and I had followed her on the list app because of Young and Hungry and it was all a meta sandwich and it was delicious.
  12. The End
    PS @rachaelray and @gabimoskowitz you ladies were magnificent on the show!!