It's crazy that it has been a whole year. Who would have thought that this would become such an important community of people in my life?! Or that it would help me feel creative again. Truly, I am grateful for the role @list plays in my day to day life. And I'm grateful for all of you. Here's my greatest hits, curated by me.
  1. β€’
    My very first list.
  2. β€’
    One of my favorite list titles that I'm most proud of and it was so early in the game no one was appreciating it
  3. β€’
    Happy that this needed updating. It's like the powers that be read my list and made better choices. We've still got a ways to go though.
  4. β€’
    Seriously, check my pulse.
  5. β€’
  6. β€’
    That one time I used a hashtag
  7. β€’
    Still trying...
  8. β€’
    My first to reach double digits in likes
  9. β€’
    First list to out myself as a Star Wars nerd (would not be the last...)
  10. β€’
    First of my Sub Life lists
  11. β€’
    First time I really let y'all see my crazy fan-ness
  12. β€’
    First time really letting y'all get a peek at me
  13. β€’
    If I ever go into standup, this is my first joke.
  14. β€’
    My first trender....and the first time The List App showed what a different and special place it could be
  15. β€’
    Tornado! πŸŒͺ
  16. β€’
    When I truly realized how addicted I was to The List App and it almost destroyed my life
  17. β€’
  18. β€’
    I just loved this one so much
  19. β€’
    Because sometimes...😭
  20. β€’
    A shitty day, made a little better thanks to the support of The List App fam
  21. β€’
    My 2nd trender...and for good reason. This one was gold.
  22. β€’
    If I'm being honest, this is probably my favorite list...it's definitely my most truthful list.
  23. β€’
    A fun one, and brought out some fellow Star Wars nerds
  24. β€’
    Let y'all get a glimpse at my Abrams nerdery
  25. β€’
    I have Home Alone crazy memorized.
  26. β€’
    Met all my List App Star Wars homies ❀️
  27. β€’
    The OG stats nerd list πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ€“
  28. β€’
    I LOVED this one. First and only featured list. Got the list IG. Felt so damn fancy. If this is my crowning List achievement, that'd be ok.
  29. β€’
    Me at my most rant-y. Seriously, I'm stupid passionate about this.
  30. β€’
    Re-reading this made me sad for so many who aren't listing anymore. I hope you're doing well, one time internet friends!
  31. β€’
    I should have printed this out. I need to see it every day.
  32. β€’
    Truth, for better or worse
  33. β€’
    So. Much. LOVE. (Plus, Biz ❀️❀️❀️❀️)
  34. β€’
    Miss this beautiful bastard
  35. β€’
    I nearly died this day
  36. β€’
  37. β€’
    My life.
  38. β€’
  39. β€’
  40. β€’
    Reflections on my top day of this year.
  41. β€’
    Watch my Aaron Tviet obsession blossom.
  42. β€’
    My Dave story 🀘🏼
  43. β€’
    I got a car and met a lister in real life! Hi @jaidub πŸ‘‹πŸ»
  44. β€’
    The genius was in its simplicity
  45. β€’
    That time I cooked
  46. β€’
    Because I'm full of good ideas and Hollywood should take notice
  47. β€’
    Because the baseball listers needed to know they weren't alone.
  48. β€’
    I'm still sad this didn't get the attention I felt it deserved.
  49. β€’
    When list was my magical travel agent and planned my whole weekend for me
  50. β€’
    List was created for just this purpose.
  51. β€’
    A kinda thank you list
  52. β€’
    Timely. And another one I felt didn't get the love it deserved. It's weird that the ones we plan out and work hard on often slip through the cracks and the ones we do on a whim get all the likes and relists.
  53. β€’
    Currently relevant. And I still haven't updated. ⭐️
  54. β€’
    Still true.
  55. β€’
    The most accurate and soulful list I've ever written.
  56. β€’
  57. β€’
  58. β€’
  59. β€’
    Truly one of the lists I am most proud of.
  60. β€’
    A great sub day.
  61. β€’
    Another one I'm just so proud of.
  62. β€’
    One of my proudest life moments. Come visit me and I'll take you on the tour.
  63. β€’
    My life in baseball.
  64. β€’
    Guarantee this is still a truth fact.
  65. β€’
    One of the top days, not just of the year, but, of my life.
  66. β€’
  67. β€’
    5 months, hurry up, please.
  68. β€’
    I nailed this one. It is a favoritest favorite.
  69. β€’
    The OKC series was the true NBA finals.
  70. β€’
  71. β€’
    One of my finest moments in listdom. Y'all are welcome. 😍
  72. β€’
  73. β€’
    One of the few title waves I did in a timely manner.
  74. β€’
    (Shruggie emoji) at least it's not just me
  75. β€’
    Fruit snob lyfe πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  76. β€’
    Because this really happened and it was The Best.
  77. β€’
    It's a good life. Esp with a meetup!
  78. β€’
    My life in pictures in a list
  79. β€’
    Will be happening for my second half of 2016
  80. β€’
    Getting real
  81. β€’
    Clearly the most beautiful list I've ever created.
  82. β€’
    Truly there needs to be a way for this to happen
  83. β€’
    That time I found out I wasn't the lone listed in the 209.
  84. β€’
    🎢One last time 🎢
  85. β€’
    It happened! She's actually on the trip RIGHT NOW!
  86. β€’
    That time I time traveled at the library.
  87. β€’
    Still πŸ’”
  88. β€’
    That time we came together to grieve our lost friend πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
  89. β€’
  90. β€’
    This is still unanswered.
  91. β€’
    Still as much as a shitshow now that he's starting the weekend.
  92. β€’
  93. β€’
    A sequel to this list is in production as we speak!
  94. β€’
    The encounter still angers me, but this list brought about a great discussion in the comments and helped restore faith in the youth. Bless you @musesofamustardseed
  95. β€’
    πŸ˜‚ and has inspired a new series of lists coming to you soon! (Also known as I have EW magazines from this same era. And it's gonna be funny to see how time changes)
  96. β€’
    This is me.
  97. β€’
    Kermit meme. Shruggie emoji. ⭐️
  98. β€’
    But, like, it was fun to have the trash talking and shade throwing. But like I'm sad. But like it'll get better. Right?
  99. β€’
    Because I'm really still hoping for a miracle.