It's crazy that it has been a whole year. Who would have thought that this would become such an important community of people in my life?! Or that it would help me feel creative again. Truly, I am grateful for the role @list plays in my day to day life. And I'm grateful for all of you. Here's my greatest hits, curated by me.
  1. My very first list.
  2. One of my favorite list titles that I'm most proud of and it was so early in the game no one was appreciating it
  3. Happy that this needed updating. It's like the powers that be read my list and made better choices. We've still got a ways to go though.
  4. Seriously, check my pulse.
  5. Fact.
  6. That one time I used a hashtag
  7. Still trying...
  8. My first to reach double digits in likes
  9. First list to out myself as a Star Wars nerd (would not be the last...)
  10. First of my Sub Life lists
  11. First time I really let y'all see my crazy fan-ness
  12. First time really letting y'all get a peek at me
  13. If I ever go into standup, this is my first joke.
  14. My first trender....and the first time The List App showed what a different and special place it could be
  15. Tornado! 🌪
  16. When I truly realized how addicted I was to The List App and it almost destroyed my life
  17. 🏞❤️⛰
  18. I just loved this one so much
  19. Because sometimes...😭
  20. A shitty day, made a little better thanks to the support of The List App fam
  21. My 2nd trender...and for good reason. This one was gold.
  22. If I'm being honest, this is probably my favorite's definitely my most truthful list.
  23. A fun one, and brought out some fellow Star Wars nerds
  24. Let y'all get a glimpse at my Abrams nerdery
  25. I have Home Alone crazy memorized.
  26. Met all my List App Star Wars homies ❤️
  27. The OG stats nerd list 👊🏻🤓
  28. I LOVED this one. First and only featured list. Got the list IG. Felt so damn fancy. If this is my crowning List achievement, that'd be ok.
  29. Me at my most rant-y. Seriously, I'm stupid passionate about this.
  30. Re-reading this made me sad for so many who aren't listing anymore. I hope you're doing well, one time internet friends!
  31. I should have printed this out. I need to see it every day.
  32. Truth, for better or worse
  33. Image
    So. Much. LOVE. (Plus, Biz ❤️❤️❤️❤️)
  34. Miss this beautiful bastard
  35. I nearly died this day
  36. 📺💿🎶
  37. My life.
  38. 📚❤️
  39. Me.
  40. Reflections on my top day of this year.
  41. Watch my Aaron Tviet obsession blossom.
  42. My Dave story 🤘🏼
  43. I got a car and met a lister in real life! Hi @jaidub 👋🏻
  44. The genius was in its simplicity
  45. That time I cooked
  46. Because I'm full of good ideas and Hollywood should take notice
  47. Because the baseball listers needed to know they weren't alone.
  48. I'm still sad this didn't get the attention I felt it deserved.
  49. When list was my magical travel agent and planned my whole weekend for me
  50. List was created for just this purpose.
  51. A kinda thank you list
  52. Timely. And another one I felt didn't get the love it deserved. It's weird that the ones we plan out and work hard on often slip through the cracks and the ones we do on a whim get all the likes and relists.
  53. Currently relevant. And I still haven't updated. ⭐️
  54. Still true.
  55. The most accurate and soulful list I've ever written.
  56. 🏠
  57. 🙏
  58. NO.
  59. Truly one of the lists I am most proud of.
  60. A great sub day.
  61. Another one I'm just so proud of.
  62. One of my proudest life moments. Come visit me and I'll take you on the tour.
  63. My life in baseball.
  64. Guarantee this is still a truth fact.
  65. One of the top days, not just of the year, but, of my life.
  66. 💔
  67. 5 months, hurry up, please.
  68. I nailed this one. It is a favoritest favorite.
  69. The OKC series was the true NBA finals.
  70. 💑
  71. One of my finest moments in listdom. Y'all are welcome. 😍
  72. 🇺🇸
  73. One of the few title waves I did in a timely manner.
  74. (Shruggie emoji) at least it's not just me
  75. Fruit snob lyfe 🙌🏼
  76. Because this really happened and it was The Best.
  77. It's a good life. Esp with a meetup!
  78. My life in pictures in a list
  79. Will be happening for my second half of 2016
  80. Getting real
  81. Clearly the most beautiful list I've ever created.
  82. Truly there needs to be a way for this to happen
  83. That time I found out I wasn't the lone listed in the 209.
  84. 🎶One last time 🎶
  85. It happened! She's actually on the trip RIGHT NOW!
  86. That time I time traveled at the library.
  87. Still 💔
  88. That time we came together to grieve our lost friend 💔💔💔💔
  89. LEGIT
  90. This is still unanswered.
  91. Still as much as a shitshow now that he's starting the weekend.
  92. Emotions
  93. A sequel to this list is in production as we speak!
  94. The encounter still angers me, but this list brought about a great discussion in the comments and helped restore faith in the youth. Bless you @musesofamustardseed
  95. 😂 and has inspired a new series of lists coming to you soon! (Also known as I have EW magazines from this same era. And it's gonna be funny to see how time changes)
  96. This is me.
  97. Kermit meme. Shruggie emoji. ⭐️
  98. But, like, it was fun to have the trash talking and shade throwing. But like I'm sad. But like it'll get better. Right?
  99. Because I'm really still hoping for a miracle.