1. I went with a buddy to this house
  2. It was 3 am but everyone was up
  3. Colin Hanks is sitting at the kitchen counter
  4. I'm like "what up!" and sit next to him.
  5. Apparently we are friends.
  6. So just hanging out in the kitchen, talking and eating a snack.
  7. He asks what's going on in my life.
  8. I start to tell him about my car situation.
  9. His dad walks into the kitchen.
  10. He says "hey! You should take my car!"
  11. I'm like "whaaaa?!"
  12. He goes to get the keys and Rita Wilson comes into the kitchen
  13. (It's still the middle of the night. I don't know why everyone is up it whatevs)
  14. She also thinks it's a great idea about the car.
  15. Tom comes back out and tosses me the keys and we all head outside.
  16. There's an old school black Volvo station wagon.
  17. Tom: "you're like family so I know you'll treat her well"
  18. I'm way excited and grateful.
  19. Colin tells me he'll get me a giants sticker to put on the back.
  20. We go take it for a spin.
  21. Turns out, Tom has James Bond-Ed the heck outta this unassuming Volvo.
  22. And. It. Flies.
  23. (Not literally. But it goes REAL fast)
  24. And then I woke up.
  25. And I can't decide if the coolest part of the dream was:
  26. 1) getting a car from Tom Hanks
  27. 2) that I was friends enough to walk into their house at 3am