1. In college, whenever I got asked my favorite color, I found myself repeatedly listing at least 4 colors
    I finally just started jokingly saying teal until I realized that it actually IS my favorite color.
  2. One day I looked in my shower (that isn't shared by anyone) and noticed I had 5 different types of shampoo AND conditioner and 4 different kinds of body wash.
  3. When the people at Starbucks know my name and/or my order, I pick another Starbucks to go to. 😬
    Suggested by @annierennt
  4. You start to feel anxiety rising every time you have to set up an appointment with people.
    And you wish you didn't have to.
    Suggested by @rahim
  5. Last night I spent an hour on 3 different delivery apps trying to decide what food to order. By then it was too late for any good place so I ended up with Domino's 🙄
    Suggested by @reallybadtiming