And if you have 😏 what do they look like and where is the best hunting ground in your region?
  1. I have been many, many a time. And led several hunts. Ours tend to live in the orchards and are a brown groundbird. Those bastards are quick but *sometimes* you can catch them with a paper bag.
  2. I lead Snipe hunts 2 times a year in Northern Michigan.
    One around early December, the second in mid-January. The season is short here because they're getting hunted out. Ours are predominantly brown, but if you are lucky enough to find a female outside the nest they have reddish-purple plumage and are quite rare.....
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  3. Here in Humboldt County, CA, people have been warned to NOT enter snipe country.
    In the high country, not only is there danger from mountain lions and bears but snipe. They'll bite your head off, man. Often found nesting in Bigfoot's fur.
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  4. Yes, a couple of times as a child. Best hunting where I grew up was along the Sonoma Coast Beaches, north of Bodega, south of Jenner, near Salmon Creek Beach or Goat Rock for example. Duncan's Landing and Wright's Beach were perfect spots. You had to go out just as the sun was going down and right after sunset. They could be found near the dunes.
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