Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe it is not the 4th of July unless you see Bill Pullman give the greatest presidential speech of all (cinematic) time.
  2. I believe that Tom Hanks is the (cinematic) President of the United States we all deserve
    And it truly angers me that it still hasn't happened.
  3. I believe there's a Friends or Seinfeld quote for any circumstance.
  4. I believe that a bowl of cereal before bed is good for the soul.
  5. I believe you should get outside and seek beauty whenever you can.
  6. I believe that sometimes you should put the camera down.
    Yes, that sunset is spectacular but it never turns out as good as you are witnessing it. Don't miss it.
  7. I believe that baseball truly is a great and glorious game with its own rhythms and beauty.
  8. I believe soccer is indeed the beautiful game.
  9. I believe that playoff basketball and hockey are special things to savor. Intensity off the charts and so great.
  10. I believe that you should find the things that make you happy and bring you joy and seek after them.
  11. I believe some of us were not made to be stuck behind a desk all day.
  12. I believe it's more important to live well than worry about making all the money you can.
  13. I believe I was spoiled by growing up in the golden age of SNL.
  14. I believe that few things make me more giddy than fireworks and also thunder and lightning.
  15. I believe Jesus loves you whether you know it or not.
  16. I believe iPhones are better than androids.
    Even if it's just because I genuinely do not understand how to use one.
  17. I believe snapchat does not make any sense to me and I am ok with that.
  18. I believe summer nights in the valley in a lawn chair under a sky full of stars is near perfection.
  19. I believe you should live in the city and the country at some point in your life.
  20. I believe you should genuinely listen to people.
  21. I believe that chips and salsa can be the love of your life.
  22. I believe you shouldn't diminish someone if they aren't in to the same things as you.
  23. I believe Han shot first.
  24. I believe you should volunteer at some point in your life.
  25. I believe Dr Pepper tastes best out of the can (ice cold. Straight from the cooler)
  26. I believe Taco Bell multiple times a week is acceptable.
  27. I believe that choosing one favorite movie is an impossible task.
  28. I believe Rainbow sandals are the greatest flip flops in the world.
  29. I believe road trips are good for your soul and should be shared with a good friend and the music up loud and stopping at all the cool random places you want to.
  30. I believe making the bed in the morning is a waste of time.
  31. I believe naps are best on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.
  32. I believe I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.
  33. I believe in The List App (
  34. I believe in you.