1. First things first
  2. Started with my friend sleeping in (much needed) and then we headed out to lunch and I finally got to see the Brooklyn Bridge in person!
  3. This was my meal while looking at the bridge
    Shake Shack again!
  4. Sigh. Just so pretty.
  5. Got to see the carousel but it was closed :(
  6. So. Many. Bridges.
  7. Magnificent.
  8. Classic dorks
  9. 💙
  10. 🗽Oh heeeey girl hey! 🗽
  11. 😄
  12. Thankful for smartphone friendly gloves
  13. You know...
  14. ...concrete jungle...
  15. So different so close
  16. Then started walking to the subway and found this gem
  17. And this one 😂
  18. Super tall and steep escalator to head into the City and meet up with a friend from high school and her kiddos
  19. Important.
  20. Somehow never made it here before!
  21. Meeting at the north entrance, which is super cool
  22. So many things!
  23. Sharks!
  24. The giant whale was literally one of the things I was most excited to see...and it was closed off because they were decorating for an event 😭😫
  25. So cute. But my friend's kid hadn't warmed up yet and refused to take a picture in front of it 😂
  26. And we made our way to see the origami Christmas tree and it was so dang cool!!!!
  27. Origami dinosaurs!!!!!!
  28. 💀💀💀
  29. There was a cool kid area where we spent mucho time!
  30. Megan holding the cockroach and showing her son 😵
  31. And then Annie wanted to hold it
  32. And then she straight up PUT IT ON MY HAND while I wasn't looking 😵😳😵
    I mean, I didn't die...but...ugh
  33. And then this happened 😕😔🙁
    As expected but it still was a bummer
  34. Wheeee!
  35. Her son decided HE wanted to ride in the stroller
  36. Straight up majestic.
  37. Big ol pile of bones
  38. I don't even know what this is!
  39. Lookie!
  40. So many skeletons!
  41. Sweet view out the window!
  42. High school friends!!!
    Pic taken by the 4 year old
  43. I was MOST excited to go to this room!!
  44. He's behind me, isn't he?
  45. Ross Gellar, where you at?!
  46. I 💛 fancy ceilings
  47. 🌲
  48. Teddy!!!!!
  49. Christmas market in Central Park!
  50. I ❤️ NY
  51. 🌎
  52. Fancy subway wall selfie!
    On the go, though!
  53. Back to Times Square to TKTS
  54. And ended up here...
  55. ...to see this!!
    It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! First time I've ever gotten to see a Broadway show and this was perfection. Plus, Shakespeare was played by the original Roger from RENT!
  56. And then...
  57. Gray's!
  58. Not as good as I remembered. Oh well.
  59. And then we walked over to Lincoln Center (which I had also managed to have missed previously)
    (And I now associate with Mindy Lahiri being banned...)
  60. And a guy offered to take our picture 😂
  61. Another tree! Across from Lincoln Center
  62. I thought Hallmark Christmas movies made this up. But tree lots are literally on the sidewalk in NYC!!!
    (Yes, I'm talking about Fir Crazy)
  63. Wreaths and mini trees too!
  64. Spotted on the walk back to the subway.
    I will, New York, I will protect yo heart!