I love this city and it had been too long since I've seen it and I super love it at Christmas and I'm packing in as much as I can to the short days I'm here
  1. Bundled the F up
    And had to try and find that happy medium of ALL THE LAYERS and I AM GONNA GET SO HOT FROM ALL THE WALKING. Went with tights, jeans, boots with the fur, tank, long sleeve V, long sleeve Darth Vader shirt, down jacket, gloves, hat, and fuzzy scarf thing.
  2. Got to buy a Metrocard! One of my favorite parts of NYC is all the public transit I get to do. I love figuring out where I have to do and what train I need to get on.
    Though I will admit that it is much easier now with a smartphone.
  3. Got to meet up with a buddy from college who started his own fabrication place (he's one of the most impressive cosplayers you will ever see) and it was super cool to see him make this dream a reality.
    Plus, this is the view from his work space. It most definitely does not suck. (Though this picture kinda does)
  4. Since I was in the neighborhood, I fully got to do all the touristy things!
  5. 🖕🏼
    They're not even any good anymore but old habits die hard
  6. Stopped and admired this super cool light display under one of the theater marquees
  7. So many different kinds of cabs these days 🚖
  8. The 2016/2017 ball is up!
    I've been to NYC for New Year's Eve once and IT IS THE WORST. Do not recommend unless you're rich enough to get a hotel room or be in a bar with a view of it.
  9. Me and the ball
    I mean, everyone else was selfieing (sidenote: since the last time I was here, social media and selfie sticks have become a thing and it really kinda dragged down the experience, as much as I like being able to share my photos without having to wait for them to be developed)
  10. These have also greatly multiplied since my last visit 😳
    Though one kid gleefully yelling Pikachu over and over was super adorable.
  11. As I passed by this store, the people in front of me started laughing since it was about 28 degrees outside and nobody was thinking about flip flops (even me, and I LIVE in them)
  12. And then I saw a sign that said Kellogg's and was super intrigued as I LOOOOOOOOVE cereal.
  13. It's a cereal bar!!!!!!!!
  14. I ordered
  15. I waited
  16. I got my token
  17. I spent my token
  18. I got a ball
  19. Then my order was ready!
  20. Look at that magic!!
    Honey smacks cereal with drizzled honey and toasted pecans 😍
  21. Get it to-go and continue on
  22. ❤️
  23. Heeeeeey!
  24. Always make me smile whenever I see it
  25. But this seriously brings me all the joy. I mean, sure, I'm working on my night cheese, but even before Tina Fey brought it to the masses I spent every Saturday Night glued to SNL and it's always this magical mystical elusive dream for me.
  26. There she is
  27. 💚🎄💚
  28. I always forget just how small the rink is...
  29. ...but it'll be awhile until I can ever afford to skate here
    (Granted this is the fancy people prices but it's still very not cheap!)
  30. Just wanted to fit in with all the other people selfieing it up
    (Sidenote: as much as I love this tree and it makes me so happy, I'm continually disappointed by it because I'm spoiled by giant trees in California. Best Christmas tree I've ever seen? Fashion Island in Newport Beach)
  31. This light show was to the Home Alone soundtrack and made me so damn happy. But too many people so I couldn't get a good photo or video.
  32. Calms me every time I see it.
  33. Went into Rockefeller to eat my amazing cereal and got to watch the ice skaters too whilst sitting in the warmth and not surrounded by an overwhelming amount of people
  34. And I had to head back to Brooklyn because.....
  35. Made it. Watched it. It was so good. My jaw dropped in unadulterated glee and awe on numerous occasions
  36. Good night, my rebel friends.