Favorite time of the year. This year had an outrageously large selection of children's books 😍 Last year: I SPENT $19.25 AT MY ANNUAL LOCAL LIBRARY BOOK SALE AND THIS IS MY GLORIOUS BOUNTY:
  1. The most beautiful edition of Island of the Blue Dolphins I've ever seen: $0.50
    A fifth edition, from 1960. And it's got that beautiful old book smell.
  2. Holes: $0.50
    I somehow didn't own this.
  3. Tuck Everlasting: $0.50
  4. Dear Mr. Henshaw: $0.25
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: $0.50
    First edition!
  6. Pee Wee Scouts: $0.25 apiece
  7. Sideways Stories from Wayside School: $0.25
    Love this book so hard
  8. Snoopy and the Red Baron $0.25
  9. The Ever-Living Tree $0.25
  10. Score one for the Sloths $0.25
  11. Calligraphy for Kids $0.25
    Doesn't have to be just for kids, right?
  12. The Lion King: $0.25
    Donating to the Story Tent I help run.
  13. Secret World of Alex Mack!: $0.25
  14. Going Solo: $0.25
  15. Little Critter Book: $0.25
    Donating to the Story Tent I help run.
  16. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: $0.25
    Donating to Story Tent
  17. Beware the Dragons!: $0.25
    Donating to Story Tent
  18. Best Friends: $0.25
    Donating to Story Tent
  19. Whales: $0.25
    I love Whales.
  20. Choose Your Own Adventure: $0.25
    Did you know these existed?!?!!
  21. Make Way for Ducklings: $0.25
    1957 edition
  22. Madeline: $0.25
    Fourth edition, 1963. Actually going to gift to my friend's daughter who loves Madeline.
  23. The Hobbit: $0.25
    Bought it last year but this is a way cooler version
  24. Cannery Row: $0.25
  25. The Outsider: $0.25
  26. All The President's Men: $0.50
    Timely AF
  27. Behind the Beautiful Forevers: $0.50
    Looked interesting
  28. From the Heart: $0.50
    I love Robin Roberts. Always down to learn more.
  29. The Lost Continent: $0.50
    Been on my to-read list for awhile
  30. God, If You're Not Up There...: $0.50
    Found it in the religion section 😂
  31. I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This: $0.50
    BOB NEWHART. Who cares if it's large print.
  32. Even This I Get To Experience: $1.00
  33. The Happiness Project: $1.00
    Been on my to-read list for awhile.
  34. 💛📚💛