But I forgive you, The List App.
  1. I tend to avoid updating apps and my phone in general much as possible.
  2. But I'm a @list addict and decided to do it
  3. So I made my killer Zoolander 2 list and went to update
  4. It was a success!
  5. I instantly got a notification that someone commented.
  6. I clicked on that glorious blue L icon
  7. And it crashed immediately upon opening.
  8. Multiple times.
  9. I restarted. I did a hard restart. I deleted and re-downloaded.
  10. Still crash.
  11. The same thing had happened with my Goodreads app a couple weeks ago but that I can check on my laptop.
  12. So this was much more dire.
  13. I went to Twitter to contact The List App since I couldn't get into the app to see how else to contact them.
  14. I got a very quick response asking me to email them.
  15. I got a very quick response to my email.
  16. He asked me what phone and iOS I was running.
    iPhone 5 and 7.0
  17. 7..0 looked to be the culprit. An update needed to happen.
  18. But my phone had no space, nor did my laptop.
  19. So my time I was going to spend re-reading and watching the hunger games trilogy before watching the new one (and I had lists planned to go along with it, because I am an addict) was now going to be devoted to transferring pics from laptop to hard drive and then from phone to laptop.
  20. I had over 5000 pics on my phone. Over the last 3 years. Mostly of my niece (and the Giants and sunsets).
  21. Got through 2013 backed up and had enough space to do the update.
  22. Started the update. Got it downloaded. It wouldn't actually install the update.
  23. I immediately got online and said Dear Google.
  24. I was not the only one who had an issue with 8.4.1 not installing.
  25. I did all the suggestions for trouble shooting.
  26. Then had to update my iTunes to try that method of installing.
  27. Did that. Plugged in my phone and had it inform me that it needed to be restored. Which is heartbreaking but was now my only option.
  28. Clicked the evil restore button. The process began...
  29. ...and then it stopped.
  30. As did my heart. For now my phone was no longer a phone. It was an expensive brick.
  31. But not a cool brick like my old Nokia.
  32. Just empty. Dead. My lifeline to the world, gone.
  33. I got back on my laptop and attempted to get apple support. No dice.
  34. It was almost 2am and I had to leave for work at 7
  35. So I went to bed and prayed I would wake up without my alarm and that my Fitbit battery wouldn't die since it was now my lone alarm.
  36. I woke up. In time. Went to work and luckily the teacher I was subbing for had prep period and lunch back to back. So I would have an hour and a half to learn my phone fate.
  37. I went. She attempted what I had attempted. Same result.
  38. I had insurance. But the soonest the claim would get processed was the next day.
  39. I had my Mockingjay tickets on fandango for tonight. Obviously, I could not wait for a new phone.
  40. I also had an upgrade to use. So, I had to bite the bullet but now I have a new iphone5s.
  41. So, thanks, The List App for making me have to do this.
  42. I'm already composing my "new phone weirdness pros and cons" list in the draft folder of my mind.
  43. I'd post it but Mockingjay is starting soon.
    And I'll probably have a list regarding that too