Seriously. I was house sitting for 3 weeks. Back at my house now and struggling to do the work and not give in to the siren call of the DVR. motivate me in the best way you know how. Meme. Gif. How you best focus on cleaning and not have the cleaning A.D.D. take over. Whatever. Suggest away. I thank you in advance. Imma gonna go do my dishes now.
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  6. Really can't judge cause this is me...
    ⌛️What DOES work for me —goof around until the top of the hour, do something (start laundry, etc,). Take a break (goof off, make a list etc) then do it all over again. ⏳
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  7. Your home in another 3 months if left unclean.
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  9. Would Steph approve of the mess?
    If not, better get it cleaned up before the game! 😎
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