I live in the Central Valley of California. We have the best fruit. This is a truth fact. 💯
  1. I can go to friends houses and pick my own fruit
    While watching the train roll by.
  2. Babyniece and I go often. I'm raising her in my fruit snob ways.
    That is a giant plum.
  3. Apricot season was delicious and it's never long enough.
  4. Same with the boysenberries
    I picked those bad boys and made a cobbler with blueberries I got at our farmers market. It was AMAZING.
  5. But NOW is THE BEST TIME.
  6. Have you ever had a hybrid fruit?
  7. My heart and tummy were first won over by the Pluot. It's a plum and apricot hybrid.
  8. It's amazing. Ten years ago I worked in a fruit stand for the summer and got to try one for the first time and it changed my life. There's no taste like it.
  9. And now there's so many different varieties! The dinosaur egg one isn't ripe yet but...
  10. This is flavor grenade. Behind it is a new one called Splash.
  11. Not sure the variety but it might just be standard Pluot.
  12. But this glorious bastard came into my life last year.
  13. Life changing.
  14. And peach season is kicking into high gear. Wooooooo!
  15. From May to August, my diet is roughly 30% Taco Bell 45% fresh fruit 25% other food
  16. And it is good.