I've actually been waiting/dreading for this day to show up on my Facebook On This Day. I HATE that we live in a world without Robin Williams. It's one of the only celebrity deaths to have a profound effect on me. It felt like losing a real friend. I wish I could have seen him do standup in person.
  1. I'm trying to figure out how to put into words how much Robin Williams influenced me growing up.
  2. The fact that, as I write this, the entire opening of Mrs. Doubtfire is going through my head should say something.
  3. One of the many films of his that I memorized after watching it over and over and over.
  4. His talent was unparalleled.
  5. You saw the influence of his own hero Jonathan Winters in his work too.
  6. Watching him in interviews, while I was always obsessed with just how hairy his arms were, I also grew aware that it seemed like he felt he always had to be ON.
  7. Us funny people, it's a curse and a blessing.
  8. Often it masks a sadness and a struggle to be appreciated for who you are when you are just you, not firing on all comedic cylinders.
  9. That's why Good Will Hunting is probably my favorite role of his.
  10. I wish someone would have been able to hug him and tell him "it's not your fault" in a way that got through.
  11. But, man, did he manage to bring so much joy to so many people in his lifetime.
  12. Thanks for the gifts of Mork, The Genie, Peter Banning, Euphegenia Doubtfire, and oh so many more.
  13. Your brilliance will be missed.
  14. Kinda still hoping this isn't true and he's just "gotta see about a girl."
  15. 💔