THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING AND I MAY DIE BUT WHAT A WAY TO GO... We were at the Hollywood Palladium which ended up being a sweet venue where I now want to see a show ASAP. Us in the "audience" were in the balcony along the side. All the fabulous people were @ tables on the main floor below us, still super close. I forgot my glasses but could still spot all the celebrities.
  1. Priority group!
    I ended up getting bumped up to the priority group so we were at the front of the balcony. And directly in front of the microphone. So you'll hear me a lot. I'm intrigued to see how much.
  2. Doc Brown. So close.
    He was the first person I spotted and I LEGIT lost my mind. He was at the table closest to us. One of the first to arrive at what would become the Taxi table.
  3. Tony Danza. Adorable. Genuine. Laughed at his own clips.
    The Taxi cast is precious and seem to genuinely like each other and be family. Their table was the most animated and entertaining all night. I seemed to be one of the few in the audience who really appreciated them. I was also one of the oldest so I had actually seen the show (albeit in reruns on nick at nite but still I loved it).
  4. Taxi table was precious and love each other
    I can't emphasize enough that this cast is the best. Danza. DeVito. Marilu. Carol Kane. Judd. Chris Lloyd. So damn good. And talking about Andy Kaufman and what it was like working with him. Ugh so great.
  5. Jon Cryer freaked out at the Taxi table
    He was introducing clips all night and near the end he was standing at the part of the stage near the Taxi table. He caught their eyes and was like a little kid seeing a table of his idols (which was basically what it was). It was great.
  6. Rhea and Danny hugged!
    Me and my new friends had discussed their breakup and that they were in the same room and that we hoped they would be amicable. And then they hugged and we were so happy!!
  7. Andy Cohen 👍🏻 Jane Lynch 👎🏻
    They took turns interviewing the casts. Cohen was perfect because he was also genuinely a fan and asked great questions. Jane apparently had relied on someone else's research and the first question off the bat was incorrect. And she got pissy.
  8. I squealed at who interviews TBBT
    Seriously. Out loud squeal at the surprise. Because I'm a TOTAL nerd.
  9. Mystery lady at Friends table
    We saw Ross first. And swooned. Then spotted the silver fox that is LeBlanc. Then the ladies came in. And Justin Bateman was at their table. But there was a mystery lady at their table. And she was front and center. BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS. And it's still bugging me.
  10. Surreal
    I could not believe I was really there for most of the time. I'm still not quite sure it was real.
  11. Will aged WELL. Karen too
    The Will and Grace table was in the middle and right in our line of sight. And Will himself was directly in our line of sight. And DAAAAMN has he aged WELL. Swooooooon. And may we all age as well as Mullally. All I wanted to do was come home and DVR all the Will and Grace episodes. Why is it not streaming anywhere?!?! Was seriously such a great show.
  12. Frasier table
    In front of the Will and Grace table. And there was a lady in a blue dress and none of us could figure out who she was. It was Roz. Also, in the introduction of their interview Cohen mentioned Eddie the dog and me and another girl Wooed! Which seemed to take everyone by surprise (Aniston and Cox looked up at us confused and realized that there were people in the balcony. But they LOOKED AT US! We died).
  13. Mike and Molly table
    Was literally below us next to the Fraiser table and we didn't even notice and felt like horrible people. Melissa McCarthy! So close! They're funny and were about to film their last episode.
  14. Crying
    My new friend I made was straight up sobbing during the Friends interview and montage. I definitely had tears in my eyes as it hit me that I TRULY was in the same room as the beloved actors in my favorite show. (Side note: in college I had the opportunity to go to one of the last tapings of Friends. I chose not to because I wanted to keep the magic alive in my mind. This made that choice even more okay because this was WAY better)
  15. Ross moment
    There is a moment in the Friends interview where Cohen asks Schwimmer a question and his response was so perfectly Ross it was insane. Again, I died. He might as well have been counting Mississippi-ly.
  16. When I guessed who the instruments who for, I died.
    Near the end they rolled out some setups and put them on stage. I took an educated guess and was right. And it was AWESOME. one of the top experiences of my life. More on the surreal.
  17. Staggering talent. My entire life.
    The most surreal moment for me was at the end. They had everyone who has ever acted in a show directed by James Burrows join him on stage. Basically the whole room was on stage. And it sunk in just how much James Burrows has effected my life. Where I got any of my comedic timing. YEARS of watching shows he was a part of. Taxi. Cheers. Fraiser. Will and Grace. FRIENDS. So many of my favorite actors. So much talent. I was overwhelmed in that moment. And so fortunate to get to be in that room.