1. ...Genuinely not really caring who wins Game 7.
  2. I mean, I neither love nor hate either team.
  3. Normally there's at least one team I don't like that I can root against if I'm ambivalent.
  4. So, like, I guess Go Cubs but only for people I know who LOVE them (hi @nathanielrepay 👋🏻 but also my friend's 90something yr old grandma) but I'm still slightly bitter about them beating us in the NLDS.
  5. But also *very* excited about the possibility of a Cleveland collapse from 3-1, after all the shit they gave us Dubs fans
  6. But, GAME 7, baby! Best thing in sports! Boom.
  7. But also, this was meant to be satire but I'm not convinced it's not about to really happen