1. I ordered this blindly but then the email went to my junk mail so I missed getting to try it Saturday.
  2. Great marketing.
    Made me want to order it immediately. (It should be noted that I am a sucker when it comes to unique things and slick looking ads)
  3. They've got beef, chicken and steak.
    I'm cheap AND they redid the chicken a few years back and it's not as good. So I went with beef. $2.99
  4. It's supreme which I love.
    Sour cream and tomatoes FTW. double decker supreme is one of my main go-to items.
  5. Gold wrapper for fanciness.
  6. Good presentation.
  7. First bite. First impression.
    Not bad. Doesn't seem that different than a chalupa. Not as cheesy as the ad made it seem.
  8. Next bites. The cheesy goodness shows its true colors.
    It's like the top layer of a Mexican Pizza but softer. Melty cheese = good.
  9. It's a good balance of your traditional Taco Bell flavors. With just a hint of extra cheesy goodness.
    Cheese appears to be concentrated in the middle of the tortilla. The edges are pretty basic.
  10. Final verdict:
    I absolutely recommend it. Pretty filling too. 🌮👍🏻🌮👍🏻🌮