1. I pray a lot.
  2. I pray for the big things.
  3. I pray for the little things.
  4. I pray when I hear an ambulance.
  5. I pray for fictional characters
    (I wish I was lying. But that's a list for another day)
  6. I pray for parking spots when I enter the mall parking lot.
  7. I pray before every road trip.
  8. I do not pray for safety before playing a sport because I'm superstitious and believe it's more often jinxing the situation.
    (But you better believe I'm praying if someone does get hurt)
  9. And on Tuesday, after having spent 4 days in a class with Emotionally Disturbed 3rd-6th grade boys and one day with a hellish class of Headstart preschool kids...
  10. I prayed for high schoolers.
  11. And yesterday I got to sub at my old high school in the Ag classes (and had the magical prep and lunch back to back long break) and today I'm at the other high school sitting in a wonderfully quiet science room while honors bio kids take a test.
  12. And it was good.
  13. Jesus is listening, y'all.
  14. 🙌🏼🙏🙌🏼