Aka I actually did stuff!
  1. Friday! BBQ for dinner with my Bro + fam
  2. Slumber Party with babyniece where I was dog sitting.
    She LOVES dogs
  3. Saturday! Played with Legos in the fort
  4. Took the dog for a walk
  5. Played at the park
  6. She became obsessed with this phone. And I blew her mind telling her about how phones used to be
  7. Took her home, stopped by Taco Bell on the way to grab lunch for us and my bro
  8. Went back to where I was housesitting and finished all my laundry and cleaned up
  9. Got a text to meet up for drinks
  10. Met up for drinks. Played darts. Drank more. Went to go to another bar and ran into these yahoos
  11. We came at them with our favorite pastor's favorite verse
  12. And then I said a cuss word and he told me I was a terrible person and going to hell and threw this verse at me
  13. Which made me VERY upset and I made my friend leave to go to the other bar before I got super debate-y
  14. But that encounter sparked a conversation about our favorite pastor. And so, at 1:45am we decided to drive to Santa Cruz in the morning. Got in the car and drove back to my place. Paul crashed on my couch. I set an alarm and crashed in my bed.
  15. Sunday! Got up and drove to Santa Cruz (after stopping to get gas and big bottles of water)
  16. Refreshed my soul with church in the redwoods
  17. Grabbed lunch.
  18. And went in search of the ocean.
  19. Managed to actually find a parking spot at natural bridges. Grabbed my beach mat out of my trunk and we headed out in search of a place to nap on the sand.
  20. We succeeded. Didn't fully fall asleep but it was a blessed rest.
  21. Then got up and took this glorious goodness in
  22. 🌊
  23. Selfie!
  24. Learned that this is a thing
  25. This was the view on the walk back to the car. I 💙California so hard
  26. And had to stop by THE BEST ice cream and take my traditional shot. I went with Mandarin Chocolate this time. And it was so good.
  27. Drove home and listened to this blast from the past. And still could sing along to almost every word.
  28. Got home and went to sleeeeeeeeep
  29. Slept in. Got up. Backed @BrianaMoore Kickstarter and there's only one day left and you should back it too! 😉
  30. Watched some Home Improvement. Read some Seinfeldia.
  31. Did some dishes. Ran some errands.
  32. Got giant peaches from my friend Ryan.
  33. Did some uber-ing.
  34. Ate dinner. Watched last night's Braindead.
  35. Going to sleep now!