How it's played out over my first 99 lists
  1. Date I joined The List App:
    10/14/2015 was scrolling through my IG at work and saw the @bjnovak post and thought, that looks iiiiiiinteresting and downloaded immediately. And then it took over my life in the best way possible and re-energized my creativity
  2. Average ⭐️s per list:
    9.3 Respectable, especially for such a nobody from a small town.
  3. Trending Lists:
  4. Lists about TV
  5. Lists about movies
  6. Lists about music
  7. Lists about books
    2 (yet a good portion of the lists I've ⭐️-ed are book centric, weird)
  8. Lists about Star Wars
    8 (and it's still not enough)
  9. Lists about my life as a substitute teacher
  10. Lists about my babyniece
  11. Lists about Secret Santa
  12. Lists that start "Things..."
  13. Lists about baseball/SF Giants
  14. Lists about the Warriors
  15. Lists about the tornado that hit where I live
  16. Lists that start "no I'm not..."
    2, both about things I was watching as a guilty pleasure
  17. Lists that are collaborative
    18 (I love hearing from everyone else too!)
  18. Lists I've 💾
  19. Lists I've ⭐️-ed
  20. Lists I've relisted
  21. Times I've pretended that John Mayer knew I existed
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  22. Lists about Taco Bell
    ZERO. Which, if you know me, is shocking and sure to be remedied in the next 100 lists
  23. Things I've loved about being a part of this @list community
    🔁 (closest emoji I could find to infinity. Because I love everything about this community and am thankful to be a small tiny part and interact with y'all and learn more about everything!!)