1. I've been sitting at 499 for awhile.
  2. I had been anticipating list 500. Such a personal accomplishment. For the last 10 lists I'd been thinking about how I needed to make sure I was ready for it.
  3. But then, so much life came at me all at once. Most importantly, my beloved granddad died. And dealing with that became my life for the last 3 weeks or so.
  4. And then the great list update happened.
  5. And while I was unaffected due to my non updating Luddite ways, I still felt compelled to weigh in as so many of my friends seemed to be saying adios.
  6. But I was at 499.
  7. And really wanted to not have that be my 500th list.
  8. And so more time passed.
  9. And a couple days ago, I sat down to try and actually do my stats.
  10. I really did try.
  11. But then I sat there. And sat there. And thought "what does this matter?" Relists aren't a thing anymore. People can't even see how many lists they have anymore. There's no trending or features. Why does this matter? Who cares?
  12. And while it should be enough that I care. That I want to know my stats. And so maybe that will happen.
  13. But instead, I've been holding back on lists simply because I wanted my 500 to be *something*
  14. And I've had so many lists shoot into my brain.
  15. Lists about my grandpa
    The draft actually helped me write my eulogy.
  16. Lists about the world baseball classic.
  17. Long lost list requests.
  18. Lists about the update and what the list app has meant to me.
  19. And it's that last one that this list truly is.
  20. I love this app. I love this community. I love what it has meant to me and how it has changed my life.
  21. I love how it reinvigorated my creativity.
    I took a writing for children class and have a book started. There's no way that happens without this app.
  22. I love how it's brought people into my life through my phone world.
    And that I've gotten to meet so many.
  23. I love that as people started leaving the app, they left a way to stay connected elsewhere. Because what has been formed here, IT MATTERS.
    And, if I'm being honest, I'm loving the fact that my IG stats are on the rise 😏😉
  24. I love that people listed what they believed. What they cared about. And how honest they were, even in something as "silly" as just saying why the latest update upset them.
  25. Because, to be honest, it was upsetting. Like I said, I am a Luddite and I have not updated for a VERY long time. And the true reason why is because I LOVE this version. It's pure. It's good. It's beautiful in its simplicity and it's in that simplicity that greatness happens. THAT is what made/makes this place special.
    But also, being able to get an idea and write a quick draft was so needed. Who knows how many ideas would have been lost? I love looking back through my drafts and seeing an idea I forgot about. Or working on something until it's just right and the satisfaction in hitting Publish List and sending it out into the world. I hate that that doesn't exist for so many of you anymore. I would be positively IRATE. It's truly puzzling why someone, especially a writer, would think this was a good choice.
  26. But, if my non-updating is in some way why this whole thing about no drafts/storage space has happened, then I may be willing to update.
    I HONESTLY have guilt about this. I don't know how apps and the cloud and storage works. It's all magic to me. But I worry. Call it a lifetime of Christian guilt. I don't know.
  27. But until that day, I shall remain here. And y'all will have to put up with me and my lists.
  28. These lists help me work through things. My mind works in lists now.
  29. I'm not going anywhere.
  30. And I love y'all and thank you for what you've meant to my life. For the laughs, for the tears, for the ways you've changed my thinking. I hope I've made a small impact in your life as well.
  31. You're all featured and relist-able in my mind 😘⭐️🔁❤️