(Shruggie Emoji)
  1. Sleeping in
  2. Pokemon-ing during errands
  3. Slurpee 1
    Sour Patch Red Berry
  4. My egg hatched
  5. I had a Pikachu IN MY HANDS and caught him a couple times...
  6. And then he ran away 😭
  7. Caught this Psyduck amongst the other ducks.
  8. All Pokemon bros hanging by the pokestop.
    One of them was already at level 17!!! 😳
  9. Yup
  10. Slurpee 2
    Pineapple Mango
  11. Used my first lure. A Pikachu was near. I felt good.
  13. Slurpee 3
    On the way to work
  14. My kids were super into it. Made me walk around the whole park to find Pokemon. Luckily we found one.
    There's a pokestop and a gym where I work. I am VERY excited about that. As were a few players and dads...
  15. I GOT PIKACHU!!!!!!!!
    (Literally the only Pokemon I knew of before I got hooked to this game)
  16. DVRed home run derby before bed. Stanton = BEAST
    I have witnessed him hit the furtherest ball I've ever seen hit. OVER the glove in left field at AT&T Park. During BP. Still can't believe it.
  17. Also, the celebrity softball game. I love it but dammit I miss the @MTV rock n jock days. Needs to come back!!!