I am an awards show junkie. Always have been. This is one of my favorite times of the year.
  1. This opening is beautiful. "I'm not insane, I'm an actor"
  2. All I can see with these two is the opening of bridesmaids.
  3. Trip and fall. See a Little bit of their butt. Always funny. Preach, Hamm and Wiig.
  4. Never seen Orange is the New Black, is Uzo really funnier than JLD, Kemper and Poehler? Or is just another case of a show in the wrong category? (I'm looking at you The Martian as a comedy). But this speech is fantastic!
  5. Oh Sarah Silverman. Well played.
  6. Joe Magnaniello at the modern family table!
  7. "Get up here, dad!" Arrested development love!!
  8. Damnit Christian Bale. Your normal accent. Gets me every damn time. 😍swooooooon.
  9. Love the ensemble categories. Good job, screen actors guild!
  10. Key and Peele! If only they'd win. But at least they got nominated.
  11. Still weird to see Laura Prepon with black hair.
  12. Man, this moves so swiftly without all the bits like at the GG and oscars. But I was raised with Billy Crystal opening montages and so I require attempts to be at that level.
  13. These Subaru dog commercials. Who was the genius that came up with these? Because they are perfect.
  14. Jeremy Renner is handsome. And gives me hope because he is from my area. Smalltown dreams can come true.
  15. Helen Mirren is #goals for every female on this planet. May we all age so gracefully.
  16. I probably shouldn't but I LOVE Alicia Vikander's dress. It's fantastic. Also, her speech was great.
  17. Loved the cheers from around the room as the Straight Outta Compton guys came on stage. Keeping it real! "Our art is a reflection of our reality"
  18. Idris Elba, errbody. 3 piece suit of full of handsomeness.
  19. This acting montage shows how much writers and actors love to create art about acting. And yet it's not wrong because I love watching anything that has to do with the entertainment industry and got much joy from all the clips.
  20. Queen La! Arm curls with the award. Gah, I love her. "Do you!"
  21. The ends of all of these speeches just need to be available on a loop somewhere. So damn inspiring for anyone to not give up on their dreams. Which we all need to hear.
  22. Spotlight. IS a great movie and a great cast. You don't lie Michael Keaton.
  23. These two are adorable. I'm going to see Room!
    Just checked fandango and it finally came to my theater! There is ONE showing (small town problems) and it's at 9:50. Totally going tonight.
  24. More Idris!
  25. Tina and Amy!!!
  26. Carol Burnett. Queen. 50+ years! .
  27. Comedy IS much harder than drama. Mr. Mom FTW. also, Leo is NOT amused.
  28. The joy of Carol and Julianne Moore seeing each other was priceless.
  29. Oh to be called The Whole Ball of Wax by Carol Burnett...pretty sure Tina and Amy's lives were just made.
  30. Viola Davis was sitting next to Keith urban and Nicole Kidman. I wanna be at that fun table!
  31. Viola's makeup is spectacular. I don't wear much but I'm finding myself wishing I could pull off that lip color.
  32. Great speech as usual. "Why do I have to be a hero? My job as an actor is to create a human being to the best of my ability."
  33. Idris. Please never stop being you.
  34. In memoriam. Dean Jones. Christopher Lee. Dick Van Patten. Bowie. Robert Loggia. Alex Rocco. Al from happy days. Maureen O'Hara. Rickman. Nimoy. Wow. I forgot how many good ones we lost this year.
  35. Key and JLD. presenting drama. No jokes? "Don't over think it. The drinks are free!"
  36. The genuine shock on the faces of the Downton cast makes me actually want to watch it.
  37. Black Mass was awful. Johnny Depp shouldn't win for those contacts alone.
  38. Jack and Rose 4EVER.
    The pride and excitement on Kate's face as she waited to hug him = priceless.
  39. LEO!!
    This might be my favorite speech of his. History of cinema. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. The thank you to his parents 😭
  40. SPOTLIGHT! Genuinely deserves this one. If you haven't seen it yet, do it. Beautifully acted and written. Michael Keaton is one of my favorite humans in this world. Thank the good lord he has been given this new era to SHINE.
  41. Quick and good presentation. And now we are even closer to the Academy Awards!