If for some reason you aren't already watching the late late show, you need to (and you should have been for years. Craig Ferguson was a great host too.)
  1. I got an email offering me tickets to be at the taping of this. I couldn't make it happen. And that makes me sad.
  2. Look at James acting like he cares about Peyton Manning.
  3. Burn on Cam Newton!
    Football = kryptonite
  4. Clinton stealing Gaga's look.
  5. He just called the field a pitch. Old habits, I suppose.
  6. Jerry Rice!
  7. Ref!
    "How tights was his shirt? What size it that? Smedium?"
  8. How to make Halftime Show even cooler?
    "Your uncle Steve dancing in the background"
  9. Tailgate party
    Love that!
  10. Wondering why so much orange in crowd
  11. No room in studio for losing fans
  12. Made it rain. Made it snow.
  13. Young and hip factor multiplied by 3!
  14. James' parents as correspondents. YES.
  15. Permanent tattoo
    "Such a special evening. Forehead foretold the win"
  16. Broncos live forever. Panthers wash off.
  17. All players mingling with reporters
  18. My names Tyler
  19. Better than Lombardi trophy
    Complete with an attaboy! Go James' dad Go!
  20. Dad Explains Rules of American Football
    More points than the other team.
  21. 1992! Cindy Crawford.
  22. Now more better.
  23. Hehe. Made himself giggle.
  24. Elton carpool karaoke!!
    Calling from inside his garage!
  25. Who'd have thought. Elton!
    This is your song!!
  26. Talking about knowing it was a hit
  27. Never a lead vocalist. Piano player.
    Have fun with outfits
  28. Crocodile Rock!
    Laaaaaa lalalala lalalala laaaaaaa
  29. Never been able to buy one of anything.
    HE does not have a phone!
  30. Does have iPad.
  31. I could legitimately kidnap you
    I've been wanting you to!
  33. Tantrums
    "Far too windy. Can you do anything about it?"
  34. Having kids changed his life. Not too old to do anything.
  35. Sun going down on me.
    Mr Elton John! Mr. George Michael. Mr. James Corden! My future husband.
  36. "If I could tell my 12 year old self..."
  37. I have no sporting memories
  38. Sport movie moments with Efron Kendrick and Devine
  39. Bad News Bears
  40. Field of Dreams
  41. The Sandlot
    Got the quote wrong but whatevs
  42. Bend it Like Beckham
  43. Bring It On
  44. Karate Kid
  45. Hoosiers hijacked by high school musical
  46. Space Jam
  47. Raging Bull
    Featuring Efron's muscles in black and white
  48. Rudy
    Featuring Efron's arms
  49. Blind Side
    Featuring Efron's forearms
  50. Remember the Titans
    Featuring Efron's muscles
  51. Any Given Sunday
    Featuring Efron's Pacino impersonation
  52. Varsity Blues
    Still a treat for the ladies, isn't it?
  53. Chariots of Fire
    Running Efron
  54. Seabiscuit
  55. Rocky
    Featuring Efron's arms
  56. These dorks. Love.
    In a movie with Aubrey Plaza?!? Oh, that's gonna be good.
  57. Peyton!
  58. Halftime show. In middle of "live" interview.
    Might as well be playing Celebrity Noses! Good ol Reggie Watts
  59. Was gonna be my Frost Nixon
    Left shark FTW
  60. End of the Road redone as a Super Bowl recap.
    Genius and beautiful.
  61. AND THEN THE ACTUAL BOYZ II MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm dead.
  62. That was the best. I can't even.
  63. Carpool Karaoke WITH CIRCLE OF LIFE!!
  64. History of Sports