1. Why have I been looking forward to the NorCal meetup?
    (I mean besides the awesome people and inevitable fun time)
  2. I'm leaving this nonsense...
  3. ...and getting this gloriousness
  4. In the words of Amy P:
  5. See y'all soon!
  6. Guys. Look at that stupid traffic heading east and this wondrous lack of traffic heading west 🙌🏼
  7. No Line at the toll plaza! And then no metering lights. INCREDIBLE.
    I actually made super great time. Woohoo!!
  8. Made it!!!
  9. Drinky Drinky
  10. These beer names are 👍🏼
  11. Michelle hooking it up with the snacks
  12. @MichaelRose has joined the party!
  13. @dreadpiratemama 's kiddos are super cute!
  14. We've got a @victralala Up in here now!
  15. Guys. This is THE GREATEST MATH WORKBOOK OF ALL TIME and I'm very sad about the son of @dreadpiratemama having zero Wookiees and zero light sabers.
  16. @dreadpiratemama had to leave BUT we are very excited about our future outing to the Shakespeare musical coming to SF -Something Rotten.
    If anyone is nerdy enough to join us, you're more than welcome :)
  17. @angela3950 is here now too!!
  18. And she brought us presents!!
  19. @plaidflannel is here now!!
  20. We have straight up DESTROYED this chips and salsa. And it was good.
  21. @cvlop61 making sure we have proper dental health care
  22. "Is this how you play shuffleboard?"
    We are pretty sure we nailed it.
  23. Preliminary Group Pic!!!
  24. This one's for @Boogie
    @angela3950 @cvlop61 together at last!!!
  25. Next stop!!
  26. Mood.
  27. Currently obsessed with the light fixtures in this place.
    Also, they allow dogs. Win.
  28. Me: attempting to soak up the feeling of being COLD because it's supposed to be 105 at home tomorrow 😩
  29. After hugs goodbye I took the world longest* uberpool ride back to my car and am headed home.
    *sarcasm. It was literally like 2 minutes
  30. It really was so great to get to meet and laugh and talk and hug all you wonderful people in real life! Let's do it again soon!